My wifes new EVI

As I mentioned in my first blog I bought my wife an EVI. We found some info on this subject but not much. Is there any females out there that can give us any pointers. So far she inserted it today. She was laying in bed on her back.. lubed it and slipped it right in. She laid on her back slowly doing kegel exercises for about and hour. No clitoral stimulation except for the EVI hitting it. I played with her nipples and lightly rubbed her body. She said she got juiced up with small tingles. Are we doing this right?? New frontier, my wife and I are seeing who will get a super O first. My money is on her. She once had 50 in 50. 50 orgasms in 50 minutes.
She is able to get so "high" (on her orgasms)she has achieved out of body orgasms!! I only can dream about that! She can only have clitoral orgasms though.
She is also starting to squirt. We have achieved this 3 times. Again…any female info here to get her off. We have used my fingers, rabbit and a dildo on her g spot. She is embarrassed but LUVS IT!!!
Please help us speed up our quest for that BIG O.
Thanks 7money7 and the misses :)