Nice feelings

Hi all. I'm excited to finally be starting up a blog here. I've been using the aneros for some time but have only recently started getting some noticeable pleasure. because of this i decided it was time to start documenting my sessions.

I own the helix, progasm, and maximus. The maximus is the newest addition to my collection and the one I'm using most frequently. about a week ago i was having a session with my maximus and using the do nothing technique while reading over the forums. The do nothing techniquew seems to be the only way i can ever get sensations to occur. i was maybe half an hour into my session when I read a post where someone said they felt like they were going to pee during a session and the just relaxed and let it happen and it instead lead to pleasure. This interested me so i thought to myself im going to relax myself to a point where i would pee. after doing this for about 5 minutes i started to get really nice feelings all along my dick, like i was peeing but much more pleasureable. The sensation could also be compared to that feeling right before ejaculation this lasted for a minute or two where pleasure would run from near my prostate along up my penis. after it faded i checked and noticed that i had produced a noticeable amount of precum. more than I've ever had before. I thinks its worth note that i was laying on my right side in the fetal position and had an erection during the event. I have noticed lesser versions of this feeling once or twice before but nothing noticeable. Ive been trying to recreate this session for about a week with no luck. any success i have seems to be few and far between.

Hopefully ill have more to write about soon. Any comments or advice would be appreciated.