Sleepover–what could possibly go wrong ?

Sleepover–what could possibly go wrong ? — or, Sometimes things go bump in the night!

A couple of nights ago I visited Chat. The Chat server was having some difficulties managing identities. So we were rather anonymous. I hadn't planned an Aneros session but had been several days since my last and I seldom do "overnight" sessions so opted to ready myself and my toys and turn into bed early. I checked with my wife and learned that she wasn't interested in any part of my bod so sealed a deal with myself to see what a 'sleepover' with my Helix-syn might yield.

On the way to the shower I split a Viagra tab and swallowed it down, thinking it would "augment" my nether regions and prompt me to undertake a Super-T when my Testosterone spiked at 3 a.m.

Prep went smoothly and in less than an hour I presented my squeeky clean naked body and brain to the joys of Dame -syn. I had carried along my tablet computer and decided to continue the chat I'd started an hour earlier inspite of a standing preference to not multitask a session with Aneros Chat.

Just a few minutes after I lubed up and inserted my -syn, I sensed the start of deep fascia tremor and knew this would be an excellent ride. I allowed the tremor to develop and draw energy from my Dan Tien down into my lower limbs where it grew to major shaking.

Shunning the shakes, I normally roll onto my side and damp down the shaking through breathing and focus. I opted to ignore that practice so that I could continue with Chat. The shaking got out of control before I was 5 minutes into the session so I opted to pull out the toy and restart the session. I signed off chat, settled myself, decided that lube was still good and after a couple of minutes, re-inserted. Pulse rapidly built in my Prostate and along my Perineum — the Viagra was starting its visit and I broke into whole body shaking again. This time I managed to get the shaking under control and assumed a favorite sleep posture on my side, hugging a pillow. Soon my wife decided to leave me alone with my toy and she went to the Guest room

After a couple of chains of dry-Os I fell into a calm-seas mode of Orgasm and sank into a sort of twilight asleep. I recall awakening with a chill somtime after midnight and pulled up a blanket. I broke into mild whole body shakes again but settled them and went back to sleep.

At 2:52 a.m. I awoke with my legs and arms tangled in bedding. I sensed the smell of fresh blood and turned on the lamp. My left hand was bleeding from a puncture between my thumb and forefinger. I had smeared that blood all over my face and the pillows. I had severe pain in both lower legs where they had struck the bedframe. The next morning the bruises would emerge.

By the way. The Manufacturer of Aneros toys recommends against sleeping with them inserted. Perhaps that means I wasn't the first man to have things "go bump in the nite."