My first 5 sessions with helix

Hi guys

I need advice and feedback from you guys : do not hesitate to comment.

I got my helix 2 weeks ago. I did 5 sessions so far.

I did a lot of reading before beginning.

For each session I put no pressure on myself. I try to have no mental representation of what a Super O could be and try to listen to my body. I tried several positions. The one I prefer is on my back with a pillow under my back/butts.

After 2 or 3 sessions, I could feel the variation of pressure on my prostate when I varied the strength of my contractions. Now I try to find which strength will return the best echo from my prostate. I believe that strength is far less than the one you need for instance to stop the pee stream and far less than the strength you need to stop ejaculation. I guess the contractions needs to be smooth.

With nipple stimulation I get erection and with the right strength of contraction I can feel a very little bit of pleasure on my prostate.

At some point, for a short while my prostate feels like a red ball full of blood and is warm for a short while like one minute or so. It happened two times. I felt a little bit of pleasure at my prostate but no waves.

At some point during sessions, I guess I felt a little pleasure at some locations somewhere between my butts and abdomen for a very short while.

At the end of the last session after one hour, I stimulated my penis a little bit to get an erection. I usually left my penis alone because penile sensations hide prostate sensations. Then I did contractions again. I guess I had some kind of involuntary contractions. After releasing my PC muscles, the helix went back inside alone with one involuntary contraction. The strength of the involuntary contraction had a tendency to increase and became stronger than the voluntary contraction. I tried to release the pressure and it went back inside alone. Then this back and forth motion stopped. Sensations were ordinary with no specific increase in pleasure. It maybe explains why it stopped.

I finished the session with a traditional orgasm. Surprisingly, only 5 or 6 strokes were enough to reach PONR. In spite of a big PC contraction, I got a few white droplets.