Another fantastic session with the wife

Nice session this afternoon. Started with a great bj with me on top. Then moved to a nice tongue and fingers on her to a very nice orgasm. 2 more orgasms with the rabbit led straight to fucking. Deep plunges into a very wet pussy. She slid the rabbit between us while we were fucking and that added nice sensations for both of us.She may have had another orgasm at that point, not sure.

Literally sweating we stop and I use her cream and wetness to stroke myself. She suggested the naughty boy, but I chose the Vice. Lots of lube and it slipped right in. Sometimes it's tricky to get the vibe turned on if it is already inserted. This could have been designed better I think or maybe it is because I am still new to device.

After a few minutes getting adjusted, she began to give me head again. Total ecstasy !! No words to describe. She brings me to the brink and stops.

I finish off stroking as she tugs and pushes the Vice. I was literally shaking and bucking. Then that beautiful feeling you now know of when the cum just flows out the tip without shooting.Huge amount this session.

I'm gonna go on record and say I am a Vice fan… at 11