California Dreamin' in Buckhead???

So I'm in Atlanta at the moment, and have no clue how long I'll be here. After being here for a couple of nights I had this dream. It was pretty hot to me and happened while I had Peridise in…and had some other Aneros action in the dream so I figured I'd share. Let's jump in…hope you enjoy.

The night I had this dream I was alone, it was pretty late but I'm a night owl so…I was still up. I decided to have a session with Peridise )wasn't feeling Evi for some reason(. So after insertion I was clearning my head and a fleeting thought went through my mind. It was of somebody I kind of know but dont really know…if that makes sense. Nothing extensive just wondered how he was doing, and what he was doing…then I quickly put him out of my mind to focus on me. Well clearly I was a little more tired than I gave myself credit for because I must have fallen asleep rather quickly and ended up having this wild dream.

Disclaimer: From here on all of the things described were strictly in my dream. All of this is fiction and fantasy. However, my dream was very vivid…which is usual for my dreams.

While taking a nap one afternoon I hear a knock at the door. I rub the sleep from my eyes while stumbling to the door. 'Who the hell could this be? Nobody knows I'm here…' I thought to quizically myself. When I get to the door I snatch it open. As soon as I openned my mouth to say something that would convey my frustration of being disturbed without a doubt, my eyes met his. I closed my mouth…he'd rendered me speechless. "Hola, bonita." was his simple greeting. His striking eyes stared back at my look of utter disbelief, "H-Hi…" I stammered. 'Fuck get yourself together' I quickly chastized myself mentally for my botched attempt to keep my cool.

*Sidenote: Although I've never seen him and no clue what he looks like or sounds like my mind immediately registers who the man is in my dream. He is the guy I last thought about before sucumbing to sleep.*

We stood on either side of the doorway for a few seconds. Realizing I'm gawking at him like an imbicile I blurted out, "Oh shit, how rude of me come in, I mean would you like to come in?" He just nodded and grinned, I moved to the side letting him past me. He's tall, casually dressed, smells amazing, and tantalizingly handsome and vibrant. Suddenly I remember that I just woke up and must look a fright. 'Great job with the first impression…' I wish my mind would get lost. "Have a seat where ever you'd like," I say as I survey the denim shorts )panties with pockets is more like it( and cut off shirt I'm wearing, "I'm going to go freshen up a bit, I just woke up." I glance back over to him, he's taking a full inventory of my bare legs. "Ok, I'll be here." he replied so nonchalantly, finally looking up at my face. I nearly ran off to the bedroom, and swear I heard him chuckle behind me.

Once in the master suite I quickly brushed my teeth, and picked out something between classy and sassy to wear, and fixed my hair. I turned to the full length mirror gave myself a once over…took a deep breath and forged out of the room feeling at least slightly better.

"I'm back, sorry to keep you waiting, would you like something to drink?" I announced upon reentering the room. He winks at me, "No need to apologize, and sure water is good for me." he replied. I head into the kitchen and get him a glass of ice and bottle of water. I quickly returned and gave him the glass and bottle. His fingers brushed mine when he collected the bottled water. Flustered I almost dropped the water on the floor. 'What the hell is wrong with you?! You're acting like a 15 year old with a crush!' Before he could comment on my clumsiness I sat down on the opposite end of the couch to give him some space as well as myself. I caught another whiff of him, he smelled clean like soap, with a light refreshing cologne. 'Does he have to smell so damn good?' I asked myself. "So what are you doing here?" I said before I thought about how that sounded. "Should I leave?" he asked glancing over at me to see my response as well as hear it I assume. "Oh, no I didnt mean it like that, I just meant I wasn't expecting anybody, least of all you. However, you are very welcome to stay." for some reason I beamed my megawatt I just put my foot in my mouth smile over at him. 'Stop smiling like a nut! Just why are you so happy to see him anyway…you dont even KNOW him.' My rationality starts to kick in. I have got to pull myself together, I have no idea why I am acting this way over a guy I dont even know. "I was just in the area." was his explaination. I accepted that, "Ok."

We talked for a while about various things. He told me how he is sweet on this woman. The more he talked the more my heart bled for him. I started to realize that their arrangement is not only not a traditional one, it will never be a permenant one either. He claims he has it under control but when I look into his beautiful eyes I see he's hanging on by a thread. The more he talks the more I want to claw this woman's eyes out. 'Hey put your claws away tigress' my alter ego chimes in, I mean why the hell do I even care? I care because she isn't worthy of his compassion, time, energy, thoughts, conversation, let alone sex. Naturally he does a great job at attempting to hide his scars behind his masculinity, but I see right through that facade. She's worthlessly squandering the precious gifts he has bestowed on her. Deep within me the desire to protect him from this villanous woman reared its head. I wanted to prove to him what he had apparently forgotten, that what he has to offer to a woman is a priceless rarity. I needed to show him what it is to be appreciated by a woman who wont feed off of him until he is drier than the Christmas turkey on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

"Hungry?" I asked figuring he could probably eat. "I mean if you have time, I wouldnt want to impose on your time." I add trying to correct my presumptuous statement. "Sure…cooking?" he perked up. I stood, "Of course." I smirk back at him. "Whats for dinner?" he quizzed. "It's a surprise…but I promise you'll like it." I answered loving how intrigued he was, I began walking towards the kitchen, I heard his footsteps behind me. "Can I help?" he implored sounding half his age…he already didnt look it. I turned to face him not realizing how close behind me he was. He accidentally bumped into me causing me to lose balance a bit. His hands quickly grabbed me around my shoulders to steady me. "Sorry." we said simultaneously. "Sure, you can help, but if you keep getting in the way like this it's curtains for you." I reprimanded him teasingly. "Yes, maam." he said after letting his hands drop back to his side. I instantly missed the smooth warm feeling of his strong hands touching me.

Once the food was done I realized how well we worked together. It seemed so natural having him there with me. He set the table and I prepared his plate and brought it to him. I then went to get some food for myself while he poured the wine. I anxiously awaited for him to take the first bite of his food. I wanted him to enjoy it, didnt want to make a fool of myself any more than I already had. I mean I love cooking for a man…providing him with one of his most basic needs. This man in particular though deserved for a woman to genuinely look after him just because, and not for an ulterior motive. He raised the first bite to his lips. 'I wonder what they taste like? They look really soft…' I really have to try and contain my thoughts better. "Wow, this is…delicious." he told me. I grinned, my insides turned to warm gooey mush. I was pleased to say the least. I tried my best to eat without noticing the way he ate. It was so sensual the way he chewed his food, swallowed his wine, licked his lips, held his utensils with his big hands, not to mention the way he wrapped his lips around every tasty morsel. Somehow I was able to get through my meal without being too conspicuous about checking him out the whole time. "Since you did most of the work on this fabulous meal, how about I clean up in here?" he asked breaking my trance. "Ok." I agreed, thinking this would give me time to cool off…because I am far too worked up. "I'll be out soon…I promise." he said to my back as I walked out. I swore I felt his words caressing me.

A few minutes later he rejoined me out on the sofa. His mesmorizing scent snapped me out of my thoughts. "That was fast…" I aknowledged his return. "Can't keep a lady waiting, its bad manners." his wittiness always bowls me over. I know I dont have a snowball's chance in hell at this point at not being wooed by him. "Well, it's getting late I'm sure you have to get home." I said while quickly looking at the clock noting how much time had passed since he'd first gotten there. Staring at me straight faced he said, "I was enjoying myself so I thought maybe if it's ok with you I'd like to say…for the night." Before I could get a hold on my actions I exclaim, "Ok, sure." "Great, just let me get my overnight bag out of the car." he said walking towards the door.

When he returned we continued to converse having a stellar time. We drank a little more wine, had dessert that I'd made the day before, and laughed. "Well, I think I'm going to get ready for bed, I should show you to the guest room." I mentioned to him casually. Quickly he responds, "Why would you do that? I'm sleeping next to you tonight." matter-of-factly. The rebellious smirk on his face left me reeling. He just had to look so damn sexy at that moment, "Ok we'll play by your rules on that one." I aquiesced. "That wont be the only rule you adhere to." he mumbled under his breath. I laughed to myself as I made my way into the master bedroom, he of course followed.

I gathered some clothes to sleep in and entered the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, then got into the shower. Just as I began to rinse the suds from my body I noticed him standing right outside the glass shower door. Although he caught me off guard I played it cool, "Need something?" When I didnt get an answer I looked back over my shoulder to find him hastily undressing, his eyes never leaving me. My eyes roamed leisurly over his age defying body. With all of his clothing now littering my bathroom floor, the look in his eyes said he was the predator that had locked onto its prey. He entered the shower, I stepped back against the cool tile wall behind me. My attempt to give him space didnt work well as he continued to advance towards me. Water began to cascade over his body splashing me, only inches seperated us. He was so close I could feel his heat eminating off of him and radiating through me. He just stood there staring at my lips for what seemed like an eternity. My nipples were achingly erect, and my knees were weak with anticipation. I wanted him more than anything at that point, I also wanted to make him forget her. Before I had any chance of gathering myself and getting out of dodge he pinned me between the tile and him. His hands were around my waist, the friction of his chest against mine somewhat relieving my nipples, and his hard hot cock nestled against my lower abs. I closed my eyes shutting out the world to focus on the incredible sensation of being between a rock and a hard man. I let my head fall back against the tile wall, then opened my eyes. My eyes met his dazed stare, then he lowered his lips to mine in a searing kiss. It was confirmation that his lips did in fact taste and feel even better than I'd suspected earlier. His hands began to caress the length of my back as his tongue continued to tango with mine. I placed my hands on his shoulders to steady myself. By the time I had sense enough to break away from our kiss, his hand was cupping my breast and the other gripping my ass cheek possessively. "Wha-what was…I mean what are we…what are you doing?" I managed to squeak out. "Ummm…showering?" was his snide comment. I was stunned, the look I gave him made him laugh. His voice reverberated through the bathroom, I couldnt help but join in the laughter, his moods are infectious. I moved past him and exited the shower allowing him to take care of his business. I toweled off while watching him, then put on the clothes I'd planned on sleeping in.

I left the bathroom and slid between the sheets. Soon he slid into bed next to me, "Sleep?" I heard him quietly ask. "No, I'm awake." I answered turning to face him. He mimicked me turning to face me as well. "You know you're tired…you go to bed pretty early." I said in hopes that he would go to sleep. "Guess I'm not sleepy for some reason." was his response. So I ask, "What do you want to do then?" He reached out for me, "This…" then pulled me close planting his lips on mine kissing me deeply. I embraced him loving the feel of his body next to mine. His hands wandered down my back, over my ass to my thighs and back. I felt so overwhelmed my pulse was racing, I felt as if I was about to burst into flames. I wrapped my legs around him trying to meld us together as one. At that moment if I had my way I'd never let him go. He rolled over on top of me pinning me to the mattress. I could feel his hard masculinity pressing into my femininity and I loved it. His lips worked down to my neck as his hands slipped under my shirt cupping and squeezing my ample breasts. Trying my best to reciprocate as best I could I stroked the length of his back. He did one better by grinding his hips into me causing me to notice that he was totally naked under the covers. Feeling unsure of how fast we were moving I asked, "Are you sure about this…I mean damn…you're driving me crazy…if" he halted my statement by ripping my shirt open baring my breasts. "Oh I'm sure." he mumbled before enveloping my right nipple with his warm lips. His jaws hollowed as he sucked on my nipple…"Oooohhh shit." I cooed. After lavishing my breasts with more attention than they'd had in a long time he trailed kisses down the center of my belly. Then it dawned on me…the recollection of him mentioning his extraordinary oral skills. I became nervous all of a sudden, "You dont have to…" i said attempting to squirm away from him. He removed my panties effortlessly shredding them as well, then expeditiously buried his head between my thighs. The tongue lashing he gave me was second to none sending me quickly into unadulterated bliss. Once I was thoroughly lubricated he slipped his fingers inside me and began to stroke my g-spot while licking and gently sucking my engorged clit. My back arched off the bed instinctively. I entwined my fingers in his soft hair to prevent me from destroying the sheets or clawing my own eyes out from the blinding pleasure. I'm always skeptical about what people say they are good at, and clearly he wanted to prove that my skepticism was unwarranted when it came to him. He was giving me more than I was capable of handling. As I lay there writing and moaning uncontrollably I know the inevitable is coming. Trying to prevent him from giving me one of the most explosive orgasms of my life is proving to be futile.

Some how he manipulates my body, flipping me onto my stomach and bringing me up onto my knees. He was eating my ass with a vengence. Usually I hate having my ass eaten, but I must admit his oral skills put that totally out of my mind. I stayed there a while longer with my face buried in a pillow panting and groaning. For a split second his barrage paused. He flips over on his back, grabs my ass and pulls my dripping pussy down onto his awaiting greedy mouth. Now I'm sitting on his face as he continues to show me every mouth trick in the book. I glanced down at him between my thighs, I could see from the top of his head down to his nose. Either my timing was bad or his was perfect )I'm leaning more towards the latter(, but my eyes connected with his. I looked away immediately feeling how intimate that was. The image of him pleasing me probably would have been enough to make me orgasm. I felt him gently squeeze my hips where he was holding me plastered to him to get my attention. I managed to look back at him. I read his eyes, he wanted to see the look in my eyes when I came. He wants to watch me come undone at the doing of his magical tongue. I'm starting to think his tongue and lips have a mind of their own and are on autopilot. My legs are quivering, and I've completely lost all aspect of time and space staring into the depths of his eyes while grinding my cunt on his lips. I can feel my orgasm looming just over the horizon. He toys with me, bringing me to the brink, then backing off letting my high subside, then starting the process all over again. Nonverbal communication from me indicates that he wants me to beg for it. I feel tears welling up in my eyes, this is more intimacy that I'd planned on. "Please…" I whisper, I can't bring myself to say anything more. I hate that my vulnerability is showing, and I am totally at his mercy. As if I'd spoken the magic words he let me climax in one earth shattering orgasm, all while holding me a trance with his magnetic stare. Tears were streaming down my face landing on my breasts. He'd managed obliterate my my inhibitions as I spasmed irrepressibly.

Once my spasms subsided he slid from beneath me. Pulling me to him he kissed me so sweetly. I could taste myself on his lips. The flavor of his tongue mixed with my juices tasted so damn good. We layed there in each others arms and drifted off to dream land.

Ok…sorry….this was a bit long…didnt seem this long when I was asleep lol. This is part 1..stay tuned…it gets so much better!