My Intentions

A fellow aneroser messaged me today and made some nice comments and ask some questions. Thought if I posted a little about me and my intentions here, it might make my posting easier to understand.

I just turned 50 not that I feel like it.She's right behind me. I am very blessed to have loving wife that is sexual & playful and concerned about my pleasure.

She loves seeing me in ecstasy and helping me get there. We are both enjoying this experience and she has been there every step of the way.

She's the one that actually asked me if I wanted to experiment with this.
My answer is obvious.

I do the blog because I want to share. Hell I want to shout it from the rooftops. I want others to know and learn, I want others to experience ! Can't believe I waited so long to try this.

I believe she enjoys it with me as she knows how to enjoy her own pleasures herself. She also shares them with me. Whether it is her Rabbit, my tongue, my finger, her fingers or my cock. We are very open sexually and adore being intimate with each other.

Our sex life has been a dream for a long time but we are only a little over a month into this new adventure. Tho the Vice is not part of every session,however usually fantastic blowjobs and mutual masturbation are.

She benefits from the new ride as well as I've noticed stronger, firmer erections and we are constantly turned on with the new adventures.

We are empty nesters too. Think that helps allot!

We are very open with communications. She told me the other night how much it turned her on to see me vulnerable, under her control if you will. I think that feeling turns me on as well. It brings a closeness between us and tears down any inhibitions for both of us. It is a testimony of our trust.

We are constantly smiling with each other when we are around others because we share this secret.

That's another reason I post here. People need to know how euphoric this experience can be and you can't exactly bring it up at work

Sometimes I think my writings are too erotic, however that's how the experience is for us and I am trying to give the best visual possible.

Feel free to leave a comment ! Thnaks for reading