Just a little fantasy…

This is just a quick fantasy that I've had in my head lately. I figured I might want to jot it down, and what better place than here.

Usually I'm not a big porn watcher…for lots of reasons, however erotic stories usually do it for me and get my mind working. However during a session I don't really want to read in most cases, so I'll read a little if I know I plan to have one later or something…my mind usually takes off after that point.

He and I are both naked…kissing. He's sitting in a chair…I'm in his lap facing him. My fingers entwined in his hair as we kiss deeply, passionately. His arms are around me caressing my back, holding me close to him. My chest is pressed against his, I can feel him breathing, I can even feel his heart beating. I'm sure he feels me breathing, and my pounding heart as well. There is a mirror across the room that we can see our reflection in. His erection is between us, hard, throbbing, and dripping. Without breaking our kiss I shifted my hips taking him into me. Now I'm skewered by his engorged manhood. I relax into him, around him. He's a very adept man when it comes to energy, I feel the energy pass from him into me.

This isnt done…i'll finish it later.

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