On the Job Benefits

So when chatting with a fellow chatter here, he mentioned a hot fantasy he had while traveling that starred him and a sexy flight attendant. He brought back to mind a fantasy I'd really pretty much forgotten about. So to him thanks for reminding me about this, hope you enjoy!!!

I have a fascination with having sex in various forms of transportation, but what's funny is I've never had sex in any mode of transportation. Not even a car. I'll have to fix that one day. I've also never put a face to the man in this fantasy either. I never really wanted to, but right before sitting down to right this one it made sense to do so. So to him…thanks for giving my character more meaning and charisma.

So I'm sitting on my private jet finishing up some work. We've already landed, my car is waiting to take me to the hotel. I hear a sound come from the front of the plane. The pilot steps out of the cockpit. His eyes meet mine, he smiles. I smile back at him, "I'm almost done, do you have a few minutes to spare, then I'll be out of your way." He simply nods and retreats back to the cockpit. He's tall…handsome…has a quiet debonair aura to him. His stellar credentials made him a top candidate for this job…his humor makes him a dream to be around…his killer looks sealed the deal. After all it doesn’t hurt to have some eye candy to think about when you're miles off the ground.

I notice the cockpit door is slightly ajar. As usual my curiosity takes over, before I know it I'm standing at the door. I'm breathing deeply…he must have heard me because the door swings open. "Done?" he says with a smile. "Yea." I whisper….I have no clue where my voice went. He smells amazing…I start looking around the cockpit trying to take my attention off of him. "Want to look around? I know this is your plane but have you ever even been up here?"he asks. "Never…and this is probably where a lot of my money went to…." I comment snidely. The cost of this plane is atrocious…but I just cant give it up. He sits down, I step further inside. Its amazing…so many buttons, gauges, etc…the seats look comfy…I sit down in the one on the right as he is sitting in the other. I look around )everywhere but at him( but don’t touch anything. He starts showing me what various things are for and/or do. He has no idea that his knowledge of all this stuff is turning me on immensely. His voice doesn’t make it any better, and watching his fingers graze over the various knobs has me thinking about them grazing over other things. I stand to leave because I'm getting too hot for comfort…but as luck would have it as I exit I trip. It feels like I'm falling in the slowest most unflattering manner. I just know I'm about to make a HUGE fool of myself when I feel his arms pull me into his lap.

I could feel the warmth of his body radiating into me. He saved me from busting my ass majorly, but I really should be getting out of his personal space. I turn to look at him his face is mere inches from mine. I could barely catch my breath when I told him, "Thanks for catching me…I'm sorry…I shouldn't be in your…I mean I should get out of here." I shifted slightly in his lap in efforts to stand, but he held me there firmly. He moves his hips slightly beneath me that’s when I noticed his steely erection pressing against my backside. My pussy twitches, my eyes meet his again for a brief second, then wander lower to his lips. They look delectable, I lick my lips wanting to taste his, then my eyes return to his. 'Oh what the hell just go for it…' I thought to myself just before my lips met his. It is gentle, no tongue but still fiery, his lips feet soft, I feel faint…I look back into his eyes. I feel his hands slowly caressing my back, my hands are resting on his shoulders. I slid my hands up his neck to the sides of his face, then ran my fingers through his hair all while staring deeply into his eyes. I can't hold back any more…I kiss him deeply tasting his sweetness. Our chests are pressed tightly together while our tongues passionately mate. I feel a little constricted as I'm still sitting sideways on his lap…I feel like I cant get as close as I would like. I break our kiss momentarily, lift my dress up, throw my leg over him so I'm straddling him and resume our kiss. He kisses me until I'm breathless.

My breasts are cradled in his hands, he's kissing my neck…my clit is on fire. I'm unbuckling his belt, then unbuttoning his pants, then unzipping them. His erection looked confined inside his underwear. Once freed from its confines it looked absolutely glorious. Hot to the touch it was like smooth velvet over steel. As I stroke his cock he continues to fondle my nipples, I'm so glad I didn’t wear panties today.

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