Emotional Session Experiment

This is a little different for me. This is a session i had, but i'll weave in my mental imagery as well. Quick note though )more for myself than others(, the guy in this imagery…STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM YOU IDIOT )yes i talk to myself like this ALL the time I need the harshness in order for me to stop being a nitwit(. This is NOT healthy…

So after my shower, I put on some love making music )if you want a playlist just let me know(, and inserted some shea butter inside my ass, then laid back and closed my eyes. I focused on the feeling of the cold shea butter warming and melting inside me. My emotions have been a bit frigid as of late so i imagined my feelings and thus me warming up to this session. I start to feel my breathing get slower and deepen. I relax a little more and visions of a man enter my mind. Ive been with him intimately before, so thoughts of him are very arousing to me. I see his blue eyes and kind smile like hes hovering above me. The image of his face fades, but i can feel his hands caressing me. Specifically my breasts, i squeeze my nipples gently, then circle them with my finger tips. I start to feel his lips kissing my nipples, sucking them gently. He always pays equal attention to both of them, my clit is throbbing, my cunt is dripping, and my ass is begging for something to play with. I grab my prelubed Tempo and slowly probe my anus with the bulbous head. My anus willing accepts its welcome intrusion. It glides home with a slight contraction. I roll over onto my stomach )haha no penis to get in the way( as im usually more relaxed that way. My mind drifts back to memories of him…his soft velvety skin to be exact. How warm he is, how sweet he tastes. I envision him lying beneath me, my skin pressed against his. In my mind we kiss, i feel my ass contract. I get butterflies in my stomach, the sensation spreads up my back and outward to my limbs. I'm getting goosebumps all over, the tingling persists. Slowly I start to feel the Tempo dance inside me ever so slightly. I try to stay as relaxed as possible however I feel my vagina start to convulse. I imagine him stroking in and out of me, the head of his cock stroking the most intimate part of me. I feel the walls of my inhibitions lowering, I have no choice but to surrender to the man in my mind and the Tempo in my ass. It gets hard to breathe…I'm getting unbearably hot…starting to sweat a little. I'm unconsciously gripping the sheets, stop that I think to myself once I notice what I'm doing. Damn, he's gone. Start over…

I imagine his cock in my mouth. Soft at first )just like I like it(, but soon he's hard as a rock between my lips. I'm greedy for him, I deep throat him, the head of his cock in my throat. Damn he tastes good…if I had him i wouldnt crave sweets, he pleases my sweet tooth. Tempo is at it again, rhythmically caressing my cavity. He and I have never had anal sex but its crossed my mind more than once. So since Tempo is hard as steel and so is his cock…I draw a parallel. I envision Tempo being replaced with his steely dick. Slowly stroking me with meaningful deep thrusts. I can feel his warm chest pressed against my back, the gspot sensations return. My body has taken over, my muscles are doing some delectable contractions, not anything super intense just enough to make me lose sight of reality. I'm not really coherent but I am conscious enough to know I'm moaning into my pillow, I'm pretty sure I cursed more than once…lol

I can feel myself starting to get close to orgasm. The tingling or goosebumps havent let up, my legs are quivering as well. Honestly I feel helpless, I dont know if its Tempo or my mind. I feel like my heart could shatter at any moment )I know what thats about…sigh(, the pleasure of it feels great, but the vulnerability of it is daunting. I guess its true what they say about Aneros uncovering what it wants to, when it wants to, and how it wants to. My orgasm isnt so distant anymore, my fantasy man is gone…its just me alone with my Tempo. Simultaneously I have an anal orgasm and gspot orgasm. Its body wrenching, breath taking, mind boggling, and overwhelmingly intense at the same time. When I come down from my orgasmic high I realize i'm crying…sobbing more like it. I stopped there as I was pretty well spent physically and emotionally.

I dont usually orgasm like this…I do wonder if my emotional state had something to do with it. Something to think about. If it is the case I wonder if having sessions while in this emotional state makes it better or worse. I'll see how I feel…more later.

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