Progasm Jr and Tempo — A whole new level for couples!

Not completely satisfied with the Helix Syn, due mainly to my penchant for being a gadget freak more than anything, I decided to stop by a local Adult toy store and pick up a Progasm Jr and Tempo.

I was very fortunate to experience some mini-Os with the Helix Syn on only the 2nd session, but was not prepared for the immediate results offered by the Progasm Jr! Quick lesson here, if you have not experienced any results with another model, TRY THE PROGASM JR!

As before, I told my girlfriend I was going to lay down, relax and "start my therapy", to which this time she did not roll her eyes!

While the Helix Syn is not compatible with silicone lubes, the Progasm Jr is, which is fortunate as it is slightly bigger and longer than the Helix Syn. So this time used the silicone lube on the PJ )Progasm Jr(. Laid down at 9:40PM with my relaxing music, and again started out on my stomach. IN LESS THAN 5 minutes, the contractions started coming in waves, each set getting stronger and stronger. I have up to this point not done anything, no movement, no exercises, the PJ just "knows" where to go and immediately pushes my easy button!

To change things up, I start moving my hips forward and back, I can feel the tip of the PJ nuzzled up against my bladder and prostate, with my hips, I can move the tip of the PJ slowly up and down from my bladder to my prostate and back again. It is an amazing feeling that I did not experience with the smaller Helix Syn. I am 6 foot tall, so maybe the PJ is a better fit for taller gentlemen?

I lost count of the contractions and O's, I must have had several super-o's, because I got into that state were you are laughing and crying and disbelief all at the same time, saw stars and contractions that just doubled me over, bringing my knees all the way to my chin. You just have this feeling of disbelief, like is this really happening, and WHY dammit, am I only NOW finding out this is even possible, I've been robbed all these years! I'm straight and 49 years old by the way!

After about an hour, maybe less, I have no idea of time at this point, my girlfriend comes to bed and I communicated what has transpired so far, so she begins to gently rub my head, chest, and lightly run her fingers up and down my wrists and squeeze my ear lobes. Each different touch brought new shocks to my body. The more her touch tickled, the greater the shock and contraction. It was like every nerve in my body was connected to my prostate through my spine.

I breathlessly told my girlfriend this was absolutely the most profound experience I've ever had. The shocks and contractions just kept coming and there was pre-cum all over my girlfriends leg where my penis was resting. My girlfriend had perverse enjoyment in watching me come over and over again to every one of her touches, but I had to stop and come up for air and somehow was able to position the PJ so it would stop getting me off so I could focus some attention on my girlfriend!

We had talked about the Peridise and getting one for her, but the Adult toy store had the Tempo, so decided to pick that one up instead, it really looked like it would be more stimulating and easier to take care of since it was steel. I got some silicon lube and warmed it up and spread it on my girlfriends anus and cunt. I gently drew circles around the opening of her anus with my fingers to try and relax her. We are both not experienced with anal play in depth, except for some shallow stimulation, so I try and go slow. She says it isn't happening and that more stimulation is required, so I focus on her cunt and clit for awhile. Did not have good luck getting the Tempo in while lying on her back, so I suggest she gets on all fours doggie style, which does the trick and she slowly takes the Tempo into her anus, with a few moans on the way in.

She flips back over and I continue to stimulate her cunt, clit and g-spot with my fingers. I am also lightly tapping and moving the end of the Tempo and she is moaning and grinding her hips and begins having orgasms and convulsing as I had been only minutes before. I then go down on her as I had the night before and as I do, I can feel her anus pucker and contract around the end of the Tempo and she continues to moan in delight. It seemed like she could have gone on this way forever and I'm getting off just by watching her.

I finally move back up for some intense missionary, Tempo in her, PJ in me and we go at it like high school kids for awhile till my legs get weak and I give out. We both just lay there with an unspoken WOW on both our lips!