Surprising New Interests

So when chatting a little while ago some interesting topics came up. I challenged myself to stretch my imagination a bit and here's what I came up with.

So generally I'm not into men who cross dress. I dont have a problem with it, its just not something I am usually drawn to. Maybe because so many men are not able to pull off wearing what could be considered "womens" clothing well. Well my mind was changed when I happened across a picture. After staring at the pic for a few minutes my mind went crazy so buckle up…enjoy the ride…

The first thing I noticed about the picture was the obvious. His outfit. It was obviously something that one would of course bill as a woman's outfit. A black mini skirt, and black lacy top. Both were snugly hugging his masculine body. The next thing I noticed was his face, then his facial expression. He looks so cunning, so confident, so very sexy in a super manly way. Its almost like he is playfully smirking at me, daring me to do what I was thinking. His presence can almost be felt. Nice pad…apparently is a hard worker. His daughter's pics on the fridge behind him remind me how great of a father he is. The washing machine beside the fridge makes me think of fucking him on top of it. Damn he looks sexy.

His body is displayed perfectly. The slope of his shoulders is captivating. I can see the silhouette his muscular shoulders and arms through the black lace top. He has long fingers, with well manicured nails. My mind immediately wonders what they would feel like on my skin. My eyes scan down his body and fixate on his sexy legs. His feet are the same as his hands…hmmm I like. I cant help but want to see whats under that skirt…my imagination runs wild. I wonder how his ass looks and feels, wonder about his cock…I bet its glorious. Now after analyzing the photo for a few minutes, its ingrained into my mind. Let the fantasy begin…

I'm there wearing nothing but crotchless stockings, with him standing in front of him. Live in the flesh, I can hear him breathing. I reach out to him and touch the side of his face. I feel his stubble beneath my finger tips. I love the feel of that…rough…manly. I have the urge to feel that stubble against my face. He's a bit taller than me…not a lot but a little. I nuzzle his cheek…he's eyeing me. I glance up at him he smiles, I melt. I feel his long fingers caressing my waist, I put my hands on his pecs, I can feel his heat radiating through me. I look down the bulge in his skirt is growing. My eyes trailed up his body back to his eyes. He kisses me possessively. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer. He grabs my ass pulling me to him, his cock is pressing hard against my crotch. The feel of him sends a shiver up my spine.

My hands begin to wander over his shoulders, down his chest, over his abs. The feeling of his toned muscles clad in delicate black lace while our tongues dance is memorizing. My hands find his firm ass, there are no words that do it justice. Somehow his energy brings out an urge inside of me. I knelt down in front of him looking up into his eyes. My eyes trail down his body stopping at his turgid dick in front of me. I reach out touching his thighs where the clingy material meets his silky skin. His muscular legs feel firm and strong, while the fabric of the skirt feels delicate. I slip my fingers between the fabric and his legs slowly lifting it towards his waist. I stop when I see the head of his cock peeking from under the skirt, I lick him, slowly suck just the head of his penis. I feel the material of the skirt brush my face…I continue to lift the skirt while sucking in more of his dick as he its exposed. Soon his cock is throat deep, and I'm moaning with him buried in my mouth. He's looking down at me, watching me, he caresses my face sweetly. In that moment I just want to please him in that way, I want to worship at his sexual throne. I let his cock slip from between my lips, and begin stroking it with my hand while sucking his balls into my mouth. I close my eyes focusing on the texture of his skin on my tongue. He's smoothly shaven which makes licking and sucking them all the more fun. I lick up the shaft of his cock and envelope him with my mouth again, my hands move down to massage his slippery testes. I let go of his balls and cup his ass with both hands guiding his thrusting cock into my mouth. His ass feels so good in my hands I have to see it…to taste it. I stop sucking him and turn him around and gaze admirably at his buns. I kiss them tenderly, he places his hands on the edge of a table, bending at the waist. His cheeks separate a little exposing his anus. He's offering me his rosebud and I cant refuse such a gift. I palm each of his buttocks with each of my hands separating them farther. I lean in placing a kiss on his puckered hole. I begin tonging it, sensually making out with it. I take time to lick from his dangling cock up his shaft over his balls across his perineum and lick and suck his sweet ass as if its the last piece of candy on earth. Suddenly I hear, "I think you've done enough…its now my turn." His accent is deeply memorizing. So much so that I'm not even sure how I ended up on top of the washing machine mentioned earlier. He's kissing me passionately his chest pressed against my breasts only the lacy material of his blouse separating us. My legs are wrapped around his hips pulling him closer to me.

I feel his manhood nudging open my moist lips. "Don't move." he says walking away from me disappearing into his bedroom. He returns in a few minutes, the anticipation builds within me. He kisses my neck upon his return in front of me, his hands groping my breasts. He pinches my nipples firmly as he slides into me. My hands caress down his back to his ass, I grab his buttocks pulling him deeper. We continue kissing each other and moaning. He's not thrusting in and out of me, just there deep, hot, and hard. I caress the crack of his ass, then I feel it. I realize what he went to do. I feel the tail of an Aneros protruding from him. The thought of his ass being filled is such a turn on, my cunt convulses involuntarily around his hardness. I wonder what he feels at the moment, I also try my best to not move too much, I dont want to ruin his joyous prostate massage. I dont know if its my imagination or not but it feels as if his cock is growing more still inside me. I feel my gspot swelling, warm tingling sensations are slowly moving up my spine to my head. The flutters in my stomach tear through my body over and over with a mind of their own. He begins to slowly move inside me. I can hear the sounds of my wetness as he moves. I'm rubbing his nipples through the lace, his pace quickens, his eyes stare menacingly into mine. I'm rendered completely speechless and silent, my mind is having trouble concentrating on anything other than him and breathing. The latter I wouldnt bother focusing on if I didnt need to breathe to stay alive. He continues to drive into me, with each thrust I relax more letting him in deeper and deeper. After a few minutes he dives deep into my drenched cunt with his cock and kisses me deeply.

He picks me up, I wrap my legs tightly around him as well as my arms. We never stop kissing. I feel him sitting down with me in his lap. I realize we are sitting on the edge of his bed, his feet flat on the floor, my knees on the mattress on both sides of him. He's still buried inside me, his hands move to my breasts. He breaks off our kiss as he brings one of my nipples to his lips. He sucks them teasingly at first just sending small subtle sensations through me. My body reacts, I move atop him grinding my hips into him. The combination of my him inside me and the nipple sucking is making me lust for him more. He was holding onto me tightly, I was squeezing his cock inside me as I continued to bounce on his throbbing member. I push him back on the bed so hes laying on his back. I'm riding his with reckless abandon, at the moment nothing else matters except this mountain i'm climbing. I'm riding him hard and fast, breasts bouncing, head back eyes closed, panting. My legs are burning but i cant stop now if I wanted to, I'm so close to the peak, I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter with downward stroke. I start to feel him "helping" me. He's thrusting up into me as I descent, when we meet he pounds my gspot with precision accuracy. His hands are on my hips guiding me. I know i'm making all kinds of sounds of pleasure, if I heard myself later I'd probably be totally embarrassed but at the moment Its all I can do. I can tell just a few more strokes and I'm there.

Then it happens. I'm screaming his name, digging my fingernails into his chest, I cant move, but he is still thrusting beneath me. It takes a second but I realize he's having his own orgasm, I can feel his cock pulsing inside me. He's writhing beneath me emptying himself deep within me. Once we are both spent, I lay on his chest listening to his racing heartbeat start to slow. His breathing is deep, but not as fast, neither is mine. We lay there for I dont know how long…until I wake up from my dream. Ahhh fantasies.