When I started college in 2001, I remember reading about the Aneros and immediately wanting one. So 13 years later, I finally got one… for my man. It was a gift, though we both knew *I* would be first to try it. I've done the basic anal plugs before, most of which have a tapered tip design that puts an uncomfortable point somewhere in the rectum. Just getting these things past the anal sphincters sometimes wrecked me for the rest of the week. )So I'm a tight ass.(

Several reviews from various sources shied me away from ordering the full-sized Progasm; instead, I chose the Jr. size. )We're trying this together after all.(

With my partner egging me on to christen this shining black alien device, I took the dive.

From the Aneros forum, a lot of men seemed to have good luck with an initial coat of petroleum jelly followed by a topcoat of water-based lube. At the receiving end, I prelubed the same way: petroleum jelly in and around the anus and a small injection of water-base into the rectum.

With all this slippery stuff going on, the Progasm Jr. pretty much found its own way in. I think one forum poster described the feeling as "your gland being gripped from inside and out," which is an accurate description.

I didn't wait; I began contracting immediately. PC and anal contractions, funny enough, are part of my full body workout routine. I've been able to have distinct anal and PC contractions for years and can control them individually.

This was just the introduction. It was a good session; no orgasmic motions, as expected, but I got a good PC/anal workout.