Day 2. Burning out my PC/anal muscles yesterday really opened some new doors today. I lubed up, then prepared the Aneros. While not really part of a session, I walked around with it inserted, doing PC/anal clamps. I took a drive, still plugged, still practicing contractions. By the time evening rolled around, the perineum tab was making me a little sore, so I slipped it out.

My partner left town after dark, so I was alone tonight. He knows I get off from wearing jockstraps and athletic cups, and tonight was no exception. It's kind of a denial/sexual frustration thing. My favorite combo is the Bauer sport cup )no longer in production( held in place with a black Bike Performance supporter. The cup is in direct contact with my groin; there's no pocket. In anticipation of a *real* session tonight with the Progasm Jr., I felt I needed to block access to my front.

Again, I relubed and inserted the Aneros. This time, my PC/anal muscles were already exhausted. Lying on my side, eyes closed, I practiced partial contractions. After about 30 minutes, the muscles were getting beyond tired. Then magic happened. My asshole and PC muscles began fighting against each other causing a throbbing sensation. I had to fight my conscious control over it )I didn't want to control it(. An hour later, I had accomplished about four or five of these throbbing spasms, but with limited durations because I kept trying to control them. Erections alternated between the spasmodic episodes. I guess the more I learn to relax, the more responsiveness I get, right?

Finally, I rolled onto my stomach which seemed to get more pressure from the P-tab into the mix. Then I felt my scrotum brush the inside of the athletic cup. Apparently, it was enough to cause a full-blown ejaculation; I began pumping a watered down version of my normal semen load. It was similar to when I've had my prostate milked and produced this cloudy non-sticky fluid.

Not too bad for Day 2!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/quiver/