Erotic Shower

I walk in the master bath and she's in the shower. I see her wet and naked body through the clear glass. She ask me if I want her to wash my back. I disrobe and join the beauty in the hot shower. Her body is warm and wet from the warm water, She soaps up a shower puff and begins to wash me. Every crack and crevice with strict attention to detail. The feeling is very erotic. She kneels in front of me and slides up the inside of my legs grazing my cock and balls. She slips my flaccid penis into her warm mouth as she caresses the inside of my legs.The hot drops are pelting all over my body. I am thoroughly aroused as she slides back up my body and has me put my hands on the tile wall. She drags the soapy puff up and down my backside. She glides the puff up and down my crack and I twitch with anticipation. My cock starts to harden as she teases my anus. I am hoping she is going to enter me with a finger but this time she only teases me, leaving me aroused and turned on. We rinse off the soap and dry ourselves off.

Totally relaxed and aroused, I proceed to the master suite while she combs her hair. I get the coconut oil and prep the Vice for playtime. It slips in easily and I immediately start feeling the sensations.I slip a cock around the base of my shaft.

A few minutes later she joins me in just sexy panties. She takes me in her mouth. My cock responds hardening with every stroke with her mouth and tongue. She works the device on me as she likes to see the effect it has on me. It gives her a feeling of control and me a feeling of vulnerability.I like this too as I can't predict what the next sensation will be and when. It is titillating.

She pulls off of me and slides off her panties. I take over stroking my cock with coconut oil. She runs her fingers over her slit and spreads herself to slide a fingertip over her clitoris. She teases it as it engorges. She turns on her rabbit and teases herself with the rabbit ears. Her breathing becomes more labored and quickens. She moves and adjust the toy trying to find the perfect spot. I see her beginning to pant and her body starts contracting. She closes her eyes and shakes her head back and forth in pleasure. She cascades over the top and burst into orgasm. Then another and another

The Vice is pumping involuntarily and moving on it's own. My strokes are quick and deliberate at this point and my semen spurts up in the air. At the same time I explode in waves on the inside causing me to thrust in the air and fuck my stroking hand. We slow to a rest and catch our breath. The erotic shower is a fantastic way to set the mood for some special time together..