Andy`s Journey

So thought I`d make a blog to record progress, since I think this can take a while )present feeling only( :(

Had about two to three sessions a week for the last month now, with some small to no progress, but I`m getting there.
Feeling some slight sensations, have had in total three or four involintary contractions witch, despite them lasting for a couple of seconds, felt great.

Further though, I don`t think I find that "sweet spot" witch the tab is supposed to touch.

My mistake, I think, might be that I`ve tried the classical white, Helix Syn AND the Progasm Jr.
May be smarter to stick to one until I get better results, perhaps?

But, just trying out different models for fun can`t hurt. Might just stick to the Helix Syn for now, though.

My latest session was today, lasted about two hours.
Some small feelings, 30 seconds of heavy heartbeating and some slight feeling of thingling or rather that something very gently pushed/felt on my prostate.
Had perhaps three uncontrolled contractions, in total.
Finished of the "regular way" though, couldn`t help myself 😛

Later ;(