Starting my journey

First time trying my Helix Syn. I lubed it up really well with liquid, water based lube. It took just a little effort to get relaxed enough to allow it to slide in. It went in with a slow and steady pressure, then all of the sudden, my rectum just grabbed ahold of it sucked it right into place. It was comfortable right from the start, and I tried out a few positions. I had the best feelings while on my back, knees in the air, with a pillow under the small of my back.

I tried to relax and use gentle contractions. I felt some tingling and twinges going on, and every so often, I would get hard. The Aneros pressed on and massaged my prostate fairly well, and by the end of my session, I had a nice pool of Previn on my belly.

No orgasms or p-waves, but I wasn't expecting any. All in all, a comfortable and enjoyable experience.