A bit about me before my first experience.

Just before my first experience – a bit about me.

I figure I will attempt to outline my initial experience as I go. Good or bad, here it shall be.

To sum up – I have had very basic anal play. Nothing like the MGX. I am a very sexual person. I've dated one person my entire life and we are still together 11 years now. )No marriage, just trusting life partners.( For those curious I am not a gay, just a happy Man and Woman being together. Simple sex life and lots of it. As we've grown older together we've incorporated basic bondage, bed restraints, blindfolds, playing the dominant and submissive roles, and adding fun toys for her and cock rings with and without vibes for both of us. She is not into anal so we don't push the issue, but for myself I like to explore and open new doors.

So I decided I wanted to explore this new world of prostate massaging and all these new types of orgasms waiting to be felt…

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