Third Session, before during and maybe after

Last night during the chat session my better half was sending me to the moon in other ways.

Just to give you an idea about 2 weeks ago she wanted to start exploring sext messages. She loves the idea of turning me on whenever and where ever she can. I have no problem with this, but MY GOOD LORD does she press all the buttons! And the pictures? Steamy!! Now mind you they are not bare it all pictures, they are those naughty little hints. The edge of sexual desire kind of things. I'll give you the world, but you can only see a tiny slice of it. Those are my favorite. I love teasing more than anything. It's the power supply to my sex drive (and perhaps many other people)

I spend time out of town on the weekends, so this is her way of reminding me of what is waiting at home. Sheer bliss, that's what!

So you get the idea. She was ramping me up the whole night until nearly 2am. I wanted so bad just to grab hold and have an amazing tension release! I was so hot and bothered I was literally soaked.

I decided not to take care of myself and also not to have a session last night (this morning) because for one thing taking care of myself might ruin any later attempt with the MGX and I wanted to keep that tension for the experience. And for the other I as drinking while I was chatting and I decided it would ruin the experience as well. I wanted it to be as pure as possible.

I wake up this morning and my love is already firing messages at me, plenty of back and forth steamy hot fantasy. It's nearly noon now and once again I am dripping wet and my loins are screaming for release! (Guess the women aren't the only ones that can really soak the under clothes!)

I decided, that's IT! I can't take it anymore. It's time for a session!!

I did the usual prep work and lay down on the bed. Just before insertion I tapped my phone and started CD 2.

I slid the MGX halfway home. It was almost like my body was craving it this time. It didn't slip in, it drove home like an 18 year old boy with his first sexual encounter!

I was almost expecting to roll over and die from my previous tension and the immediate contact, but what happened during the first few minutes of my breathing and relaxing was tingles and the very edge off excitement. I was already aroused and immediately my cock started dripping fluid again.
I swear I am going to be dehydrated if this keeps up!

I continued my slow steady contractions, very light. Just slowly tapping away at myself. I Listened to the CD and did this for nearly an hour just enjoying the teasing sensation of the tingling and the massive arousal. I was still lying flat on my back with my hips tilted up to keep the handle off the towel. Grrr, I need to either find a model that doesn't have it in the way, or I need to invest in much firmer and small pillows for my lower back!

After about the hour I decided to roll onto my left shoulder and tuck myself into a near fetal position. At this point the additional contact was bringing on bigger teasing sensations. I started to contract harder and harder and each pulse of my muscles felt amazing, if just below the surface.

The CD ended at some point, I must have been in my own world, the silence was everywhere. The only sound I could hear was the hammering of my own heart and my deep breathing. And my heart was hammering – it must have known something I did not.

I can't bear the tension anymore. I swear I need a release or I am going to explode!!!! I go into a full contraction and just hold it as long as I can. My butterflys came back, but this time they brought hundreds more with them. Oh my GOD please let me finish the tension is making me see stars!!
I release the contraction and just do a few light ones to relax my muscles a moment and then tighten up fully again. The sensation was so close to the surface I had to pull my legs all the way up to my chin – the sheer joy of agony was swallowing me whole! There it is! It's right there, I can feel it. It's an orgasm, I know what they feel like, but this one is in a virtual stall that goes right to the very top and just STOPS! The sensation remains there the whole time I grip my MGX with all my might it smiles at me, but I swear it's shaking a finger and telling me, "Oh no, you can't have me yet!"

This continues on for probably 30 minutes. I don't get frustrated. I just keep playing with the sensation. I gave up willing it to finish and just let it tug at my soul. I could have done this for hours.

But Alas…

My muscles are giving out. I can barely contract anymore. I am exhausted in a new way I have never felt before, it was deep, deep inside me.

Ohh, it doesn't stop there. I finally stop doing contractions and flip back onto my back. If I don't release the tension in my balls I am going to be sitting funny for a week.

I went ahead and sloooooowly worked my fellow up to full erection and kept the pace so slow that I was in more agony. And when I was about to peak I slowed down even more. Right at the very tip of the orgasm. Not edging really, just a stall. I was pumping so slow at this point it was imperceptible. The pulse in my hand was the culprit to my demise! I can't believe this.. This never happened before. I was so turned in and tuned to the moment that a simple heart beat set off the fireworks. I continued a slow pump to what can only be described by me as an unrealistic experience. The orgasm I had with the MGX pulsing within me actually made my eyes water with sheer pleasure. Never have I had such an extreme finish!

So there you have it, my third session in all it's simple glory!

To follow up – I have been excited all day. It's now after 6PM and I have a pleasant tingle or buzz deep in me that just wont go away. Is it a whisper of future fun? I do not know, but it's kept me in a mostly aroused state all day… Until my next session!