Aneroless ejaculation

I've owned an aneros progasm for nearly a year, however I have been exploring the back door for years. I have had other prostate massagers prior to the progasm and also currently own a nexus revo 2. Both so much fun.

I can reach hands free ejaculation anytime, with or without anything inserted.

I have incredible sensations. But nothing is ever as intense as when I ejaculate hands free.

My deepest curiosity is if I am missing something.

Is it likely that I am experiencing numerous super o 's prior to finally ejaculating?

Or am I ejaculating before actually making it to the super o?

leading up to my hands free ejaculations all my 'orgasms' feel like they just aren't reaching the cusp of something. They are just a building sensation until I finally ejaculate.

When I ejaculate hands free, with or without an aneros, I experience a small refractory period of about 10 minutes )if I ejaculate hands onm I could be done for days! – exaggeration (.

My refractory is less if it is an anerosless ejaculation.

So some days ; I ejaculate aneroless and handsfree, then go to aneros and a super T, then feel unsatisfied the rest of the day but can't get back on the horse so to speak unless I just do regular masturbation and ejaculation.