What can I say

I started last night with my mainstay, Progasm. He did what I always like at first filling me up and then bumping and grinding as time goes by. After about three hours of fun I thought to switch it up a bit so, I did a mini cleanse and added a bit of Shea butter to the mix. Now the MGX, my first.

After awhile of gentle treatment he lured me to sleep. Sometime later, subconsciously I hear someone gently moaning, I realize it is me. I come to a higher level of consciousness to experience a subtle gyrations in sync with my sphincter contractions. The MGX was gently brushing my P-spot with such feather-like precision. I doing what I can to keep this journey moving forward. So, I relax even more letting him take me anywhere. He was gracious the rest of the night teasing me with his feather.

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