An easy way towards a new type of TO (involving stimulation of the FRONT side of the prostate).

I have to say that I am surprised by how popular some of my recent threads have been ("priming the prostate" "societal pressure" etc.). Not sure how to feel about this, except to say that I hope my threads have been useful to you all.

Along those lines, I thought that I would mention another phenomenon that I discovered by trial and error. Well… actually there was a fair amount of logic involved – and my intuition just happened to be right. Let me explain.

During a recent session (which I have since duplicated), I got to that familiar point, where I could feel that my prostate was extremely aroused. I had not achieved a Super O yet, but I did get some good P-waves in. By that point, I felt that things were really started to drag on… so I decided to end the session in typical fashion: with a traditional orgasm (TO).

This time, however, I decided to switch up my TO technique a little bit. Whereas I typically reach TO like a normal person (stroking my entire shaft, and the head), I decided to see what would happen if I had a TO that was induced by stimulation of the base of my penis only. Hell, why not? That whole area was already engorged.

If you weren't aware of this, you can apply pressure to the front side of the prostate by pushing your fingers inbetween the top side of your cock and your pubic bone. You can also do this to some degree by pressing down at the sides of your cock base. Just follow the "root" of your cock as it goes backwards, and you can stimulate your prostate from the front side. Nice! Not as full-on as the rectal side, but still nice!

Anyway, I decided to massage the front part of my prostate in this way – using slow, circular motions on either side of the root of my cock, as well as the top side. At the same time, I kept doing anal contractions to get the back side of my prostate. I also made sure that I had some really good porn on, to keep myself fully aroused.

If you haven't done this before, it feels pretty damn good.

It took a lot of willpower at this point not to stimulate my cock head. But I was determined to find the answer to my experiment. So I switched up between massaging the front of my prostate, to stroking the very base of my cock – and ONLY the base (an inch up the shaft at most). When you get to a certain level of arousal – by doing the above – you will find that the nerves at your cock base – especially on the left and ride side – are particularly sensitive.

Once you get to this point, you are reasonably close to cumming. Just keep at it. Stroke faster and faster if you want. Be sure to keep your eye on porn that really stimulates you. Also… be sure that you have a lot of towels laid out to catch what comes next.

When I got to the point of orgasm, it was like nothing I had ever felt before. I can best describe it as a 30 second buildup of pleasure, followed by burst after burst of cum. The first time I did this, those bursts when really far (5+ feet). The second time, they didn't go far at all. Your mileage may very. **(Come to think of it, the first time I was using a Helix Syn, and the second time I was using a DeVice. That could explain the distance difference).

But the point is that the sensation from this type of orgasm was quite different, and quite incredible.

Like I said, I could not BELIEVE how long the buildup to climax was. At the beginning of the buildup, I would say that my penile pleasure level was 75-100% of what I would feel from a quickie orgasm. From there, the pleasure just kept increasing, to well over 200%. Meanwhile, I was staring at my cock in amazement, because I could feel that an ejaculation was on the horizon… but where was it? Ejaculation eventually arrived, but only after about 30 seconds of waiting for it (and continuing to stroke the base of my cock).

The only caveat to this method is that you have to be a little patient. It obviously takes a while longer to reach a penile orgasm by avoiding the head of your cock altogether. But… if you are an Aneros user… then I assume that you have already learned to have a fair amount of patience.

Back to this unusual TO: I was both astounded and pleased with myself that it actually worked. After reading a post about "male gushing," in which you are basically supposed to torture your glans… I decided that I needed to throw this out there as an alternative. Try this first! Coincidentally, the "long build-up" sensation is similar to what women describe when they have orgasms. Huh.

I hope that some of you try this out the next time you are wrapping up an Aneros session. Furthermore, I am interested to hear what your experiences were like.