Covert Tactical Operations

In the Chat Room last evening I told of the session I was going to experiment with last night. We related it to a military interrogation process. I wanted to see how my prostate would react to more than one Anernos toy during an extended period of time. It was joked I may confuse my prostate, and actually that’s what I wanted to see if I could. I decided I would let the toys run the show, they would decide how long each individual mini-session would last. I prepared for the extended session by napping early that evening.

Now my selection, I choose my first the MGX, and two recent purchases my Helix Syn and the Eupho Syn. I also choose to ride them in that order. Here is what happened:

11:45PM began session in my recliner with the MGX by really concentrating on my breathing and extremely gentle and sustained sphincter contractions. MGX responded by moving within my anal cavity and encouraging me to respond to it by mid-region gyrations. He was becoming very intimate as usual when he slowed down by 2:20 AM. That was my signal. I removed my MGX re-lubed and introduced Helix to my now wanting anus.

Helix took charge from the moment he entered as is his custom. My prostate hesitated at first but, quickly adapted and began to vibrate and flow with the knob on Helix. The vibrations transferred to my loins, specifically my balls were permeated with a tingling sensation that ebbed and flowed through the session. My cock every once in a while became in tune with this process making me want to giggle )I did(. Helix slowed down by 3:30 this morning. I removed my Helix and re-lubed for my friend Eupho Syn.

My anus is beginning to notice the activity and I’m glad that Eupho Syn is thinner. The special coating was appreciated by all inside since the session began nearly four hours earlier. I quickly noticed the design of the Eupho, because of how he would brush across my prostate and other surfaces. My prostate didn’t hesitate this time but, gave in, it yes it took charge, and it accepted the caresses and signaled my body to react with pleasure. Not any normal aneros pleasure but pleasure to the next degree. A big O began to build so, I let it build, then I slowed I wanted to experience this O with extending it by edging. We danced together in an upward spiral until I couldn’t hold the edge anymore. At about 5:00AM my lions emptied with such power it took my breath away. I floated down from this cloud over the next 10 minutes. I learned more control over sensations with breathing and how I recline. I’m almost afraid to introduce the Vice into this type of play, but maybe one day, maybe.