Ravished/Ravaged by my PG ice and loving it )the Ravishing and the PG

this is a partial recording almost in real time of what happened to me this morning at 3am when i awoke from 2-3 hours of sleep with my PG in. I know that half of it is unintelligible, but i’m leaving it as is, including the caps locks, because i was typing while this event was still going on.
Woke from 3 hours of sleep with Pgice in . had fallen asleep after having a few p waves with the device in. had been chating about nothing with the gang and needed to get to sleep but decided to put PG in ’cause it was its turn.
Woke at 3am to its presence and a pwave that just started to feel like a purring/flowing at base penis. Was erect, then not and then felling of lowing got more intense and nonstop and I was dry the whole time then felt like that instant before ejac that is so exquisitely pleasureable but then it ends but it didn’t it kept going and I felt I was peeing the bed bt I was dry and then I fel thte PG DOING ITS THING, MOVING AND TOUCNIM=NG ME INSIDE AND THEN IT GOT STRONGER AND I COULDN’T WOULDNTT MOVEE AND IT GO TSTRONGER AND 30 MIN LATER I WAS MOAINGNA DN THAT MADE IT MORE AND JUST KEPT ON KEPT ON . And then I felt that I would really pee the bed but hadn’t and then I felt I would have a wet O but I didn’t and I finally got up and peed in the tub ’cause I was afraid I would miss the toilet and the peeing felt like an intense pwave and almost like ejac and then I came back to bed and it started up in earnest. And I took off tshirt and socks and the PG began to do it again to me and I was sure that I was going to ejac but it didn’t and I fel ttmyself writhing in pleasure slowly and lifting my legs up and grabbing my feet and then straightening them and then stroke the backs of my thighs and moaning and then grabbing and hugging my pillow and writhing and tthen I actually pulled the PG up in me voluntarily and the pleasure jumped and I was moaning and then became motionless and felt those waves of fake ejaculation again, except now there were drops of pre-cum.
I’m now on my knees as I type this and up to this point everything I’ve typed has been while these huge wave of pleasure, almost painful have been happening and I want to tell everyone, so I’m going to get on the chat.
And I’ll edit this in the morning so it’s readable, but I’m going to leave this word flow so you get the sense of intense pleasure that’s ohh coming again.
And there is a dull headache there but it’s passed.
My penis is now limp and it feels like it’s been flowing nonstop but only a few drops. I don’t want to check it ’cause that might interfere with the feeling which is like a thrill )not an emotional thrill but a physical “purring” in the perineum.(
And the feelings are setlling into a dull pleasure sense at the base of the penis and going back in and up inside.
Now I will see if anyones on the chat. ….
It says someone’s there and a guest walked in but no body responded to me, so I got off. Still having pwaves, but “normal ones” now. And I have to take out the device and get an hour or so more sleep before work.

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