Taking cat for a hare

I started to have sessions with a mild sense of good feeling. Had some with that and some sessions with nothing. I had a good feeling going through my spine one time. Also when passing gas and aneros moving in response to that made it good.

I bought the toy looking for an awesome orgasm, but what i got instead )so far( were three effects i wasn't expecting. You guys say " buy a pig in a poke", we here say " taking a cat for a hare". First was on sex: i was harder, and with more cum and pre-cum. The second was that the sessions uplift my mood. Even though i don't have an orgasm, i'm happier afterwards. Third is that i get sensations through my body afterwards when i'm not using it, so the session lingers.

I find that breathing through my belly keeps my focus on breathing and not on what is happening down there. When i am feeling somewhat good i'm usually with a very shallow breathing. Also found porn distracting.

So far so good. Let's wait and see.

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