Tempo's debut

I finally broke down and purchased a Tempo. What an experience to say the least. I've heard things like the weight of it and how it moves and all of these are spot on!

The slickness of the finish allows Tempo to move differently than the rest. It is so slick as it slides around and bumps your prostate I'm at a loss for how to describe it, other than ahhhhh.

Tempo quickly begins to move inside you with the added flair of a temperature change from cool to warm. This in and of itself is a real stimulation unmatched to date. And yes the weight works with you in how you position yourself for your session.

I quickly sensed that rather than positioning myself on my back or side to lay on my stomach or better yet get on all fours. While on all fours Tempo really shines, no pun intended. As I slowly began to rock the heaviness and motion awakened my prostate with feelings that must be experienced.

Even today, while in its afterglow I re-inserted and walked about with it in. The added weight encourages you to practice kegals as you walk, which in turn tickle where you most appreciate it. Yes, Aneros … all models need a stainless steel version … I'm impressed.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/tempos-debut/