Your ability to withstand delayed gratification correlates well with success, it's also been seminal in our evolution and the development of the frontal cortex.
There are some people on this forum with addiction problems, be it PMO or marijuana. Both cases the outcome is inevitable a decline in sensitivity. So despite the logic being the less you do the better it is, you do more because of the instant gratification, and roll back the millions of years in evolution.

Anyway point being I like doing both, and cutting out PMO makes it easier to stick to not using mj and it shows me how easy it is to at least be able to withstand instant gratification )for PMO(in certain areas of my life that this would carry over is self control in other areas since the principal is exactly the same. If you can withstand this instant gratification and patiently wait it out not only will the rewards be greater but you will have grown in the process.

IMO it's not about excluding the 'vices' from your life, but using them to practice self control and by knowing what you're missing by foregoing you're training your patience muscle, growing your frontal cortex and you get a more intense experience with much less