A few questions about the prostate and prostate play.

I am 55, straight, and have been enjoying my Aneros Helix and the Naughty Boy for about a year now. I always enjoyed ass play from when I was very young, and occasionally pegged with my wife, but now mostly use my toys when masturbating on my own. (I still enjoy great sex with my wife.)

Over the last year or so I have developed an enlarged prostate and have BPH, with moderate-to-severe bladder/urinary symptoms. (I think in the long run I will probably need TURP surgery to resolve my bladder symptoms.)

I have noticed recently, and most strongly just today, that after a session with my Naughty Boy my prostate was really sensitive and I had some pain for the first time. I should emphasize that I am very gentle with myself and use plenty of lube; I would consider myself pretty experienced with ass play and my own body, so I am not injuring myself out of ignorance. I have skirted the edge of the super-O path with the Aneros but mostly really enjoy the Naughty Boy and find it intensely pleasurable.

I have also recently had some feelings of very slight fever and feeling flushed after prostate play, and am wondering if prostatitis or just the stimulation of the prostate could cause this. I just saw my urologist last week and he ruled out any sort of infection, though he just tested my urine and did not extract prostate fluid or test that. He did a DRE which was normal (though the prostate is moderately enlarged). Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this – I am not expecting medical advice from reddit.

Any feedback appreciated.

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