First time, want an idea as to how far i got.

So I always liked the idea of anal play and in my teenage years I did some minor play with my fingers.

This year I [24] finally bought myself a dildo (7") for myself and really enjoyed the feeling it gave me when I would cum. I finally got around to dropping the extra money on an Aneros. I bought the progasm because I am 6'3" and its extra length was recommended for taller guys. The extra width was no issue for me (see dildo size).

I used it a few hours ago and followed the advice of starting on my side, but then I moved to my back. I was watching porn and focusing on deep belly breaths when I started to get tingly all over. Every time I breathed all the way in I could feel the pleasure in my prostate.

Every time I breathed in it felt like more and more of my ab muscles were contracting and locking in. My breathing became ragged and faster, and I was rocking my pelvis with my breathing. Then it intensified. All my muscles throughout my body started contracting, in partcular my eyes were forced shut and my hands locked up with my fingers extended (I could not make a fist or anything). I was starting to moan with my breaths and tried biting the sheet (neighbors). Then during an intense contraction the Progasm popped out. By the time I regained enough muscle control and popped it back in, the intense contractions had ended.
I kept breathing for a while and was getting large muscle quivering on my exhales, but nothing nearly as intense as the contractions. Felt great and ended with a Super T.

I didn't feel a sense of "climax" during the contractions, is there supposed to be? I'm wondering was the full body contractions the Orgasm itself or were they just shy of the real deal. Just a beginner who extremely enjoyed his first time and looking forward to the next one. I just want to get an idea as to how far I got.