Had Penis corona Dry-O.

Saw a post on the site about the area around the upper corona on the penis being somewhere you could play with to orgasm, so figured I'd try it.

I'd started out playing with my nipples since found that really has a prostate pleasure connection. Got tired with that, and looked on the forum to see if anyone ever experienced pain in their nipples the day after playing with them.

Instead found a post )sorry, don't have a link( talking about using the topside )abs side( penis corona.

So started touching and rubbing a little there. Took a good 15-20 minutes before I felt anything at all. Then I felt one pleasure twinge, and so I figgured it'd just be a matter of time, so I continued and it was.

For me, it seems like its a little harder to start up pleasure feelings there. but I guess with more use, my brain will realize what I'm up to quicker.

So once I started feeling pleasure, I experimented with what to do. Seems like feather touches to the outer edge of the Glans there can REALLY cause high pleasure points. Anyway, once while feeling one of those, I remembered the guy said you could just press on the sensitive area in the corona. So I put my finger there and pressed the penis down onto my scrotum )was erect, but not fully(. It felt mildly good, but no fireworks. Then I remembered I had to let it build, so just lay there focusing and enjoying, and I kept up playing with my nipples.

Then, I began to feel the electric connection all the way down my penis, and I was shocked, hopeful, scared it would vanish. Kept it up, and relaxed and kept up feeding it little by little with nipple play.

And it kept growing and then my whole body was electrified and I was really enjoying it. Felt pelvis movements like I would when ejaculating, but not strongly. No ejaculation, just thrusting and felt like rolling side to side and other feelings.

Lasted maybe a minute then subsided. Waited maybe 5 min, then tried again, but only got to the electrified penis to prostate stage )which was cool(. Then went to sleep.

Tried again next morning, but must have handled my dick too much and I felt an ejaculation coming on. Heard someone say it feels like you're going to ejaculate but you don't, so I figured I'd check it out. Unfortunately, by the time I figured I might really ejaculate, it was to late, and was past the point of no return )that I know of(, and I came. gota keep my fingers away from other parts of my dick )$#%@$!(

Tried later in the day, and was able to quickly get to the electric penis-prostate connection, but no joy for anything better.

So, I'm going to try this for a while, and use it to sensitize this area as well as continue to develop pleasure from my nipples.

Am hoping to try the corona some time with my Helix inserted too.

Also, been playing with the fleshy areas to the left and right of the penis base. Seems to me these areas are just "man lips", because they're REALLY pleasurably sensitive, but I have to work at it to get feelings out.

Finally while I was workin up to the penis corona dry-O, I realized I needed to think of something to sppark that mental arousal state, but I don't want to fantasize or use porn. Prayed about it and got the thought I could think of some beautiful outdoor scenery that always insighted awe in me. So, Tried that, and it WORKED!! Felt like I had the same kinds of feelings I used to get from looking at the porn. Took a little focus though, but am grateful that it works!! Tried it again successfully several more times.

So lots more things to learn and enjoy! Don't know anyone here yet, but am grateful for people's comments here & there. Will try to give credit as can, but I don't get a lot of time online.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/had-penis-corona-dry-o/