Corona Stim & Dry-O's

Had a weird experience last night and this morning.

I had a two hour session last night stimulating my penis topside corona. The position I use is two fingertips just under the edge of the glans. When my dick's hard, there's a little depression valley that runs around the penis there, just below the glans. With fingertips in that valley, I just jiggle them lightly back & forth )toward then away from penis tip(. If I do this and play with my nipples, there's a p-wave that extends from my penis top down the base and shoots probably into my prostate.

With the other hand, I play with one or the other of my nipples. Usually, the fingers on my nipple hand are doing a "run in place" manuever lightly )twiggling( on the skin where they are.

So I was playing with that and got the thought that I could walk the pleasure around my dick by moving my nipple hand around )while keeping up the corona stim with the other hand(. So I walked my nipple hand )twiggling all the way( down progressively to the abs skin just above the base of my penis )2 in up toward chest(, because that's normally an extremely sensitive area for me.

When I did that, the electric pleasure MOVED from my penis head, progressively down the shaft and sort of went down into my prostate. Really felt good. I could stay there a while, but I think if I stay there too long, it arouses the pathways that lead to ejaculation. )Because I ejaculated one other day playing around there too much.(

Anyway, so I found I could move the pleasure around to my left and right penis "lips", and even swirl it around in a circle in the center of my abs like 5-6 inches above the penis base then around my chest. Wow, that felt good. Kept it up, and it started expanding outwards in my body )!?(, but I think I thought a Super-O would follow, and I chickened out )freaked myself out( and lost it.

So I continued to move the pleasure point around, and finally walked my fingers back up to my right nipple, and as I did, the p-spot moved up the base of my penis )!( and back into the head. So I just stayed there. Then I kept playing with the nipple itself and the pleasure wave moved up to the very tip of my dick and stayed there! I couldn't believe this. Didn't know what to do next, so I just kept up and was feeling it and just relaxing and enjoying it, and I think I pushed on my corona fingers a little more, to give more pressure and just hung there for a minute or so. Then my dick started getting rock hard and I wanted to moan a little, and the pleasure again started building. )arouses me to think of it( Then my dick started throbbing and felt desire to do kegels, I had the desire to thrust in and out a little like I had just ejaculated, but no semen. Was a very subtle feeling – not strong like a physical ejaculation, but everything else felt the same. I felt like I had just ejaculated. Same breathing, same pleasure release, same afterglow etc, but no semen, and no "it's over" feeling!!

So that's what my Dry-O's are like.

When the pressure is building, my body keeps trying to do a one-off convulsion, but I heard someone say that that diffuses things and stops the process. And I found that instead, I have to really relax and let the pleasure build and not "convulse it out". This is REALLY HARD for me. But when I do, that's when things move forward.

However when I get to the middle of a Dry-O, my body wants to shake and rattle & roll, etc, and I'm assuming that's OK. Just no convulsing as it's building.

So I basked in the afterglow a few minutes, then tried it again. Was able to get like 5 Dry-O's that evening, before I was tired out and went to sleep. After that, I noticed that my balls had become pulled up close to the base of my dick like they do for ejaculation. )same thing happened this morning.( After a bunch of times twiggling around the base of my dick, it started to feel like the normal ejaculation pathways were being excited, and that I was building for a real ejaculation, so I stopped what I was doing, and re-focused on the nipple play, and brought the focus again down to my prostate. Had to do this once or twice, but after 5 Dry-O's I had enough for the evening. My balls were already pulled up, so I didn't want to ejaculate so finished at that point, being very happy with the Dry-O's!!!

A couple of those times, my penis let out some pre-cum lube almost forcefully. I checked and it was just lube. Was like a little pop at the height of the orgasm.

So off to sleep I went )after a little cleanup(.

All this was without any kind of mental arousal fantasies or pictures.

So then when I woke up, I could still feel my prostate in my rectum, and I started using my muscles to massage it if that's what was happening. Anyway, felt like it. I later also felt like I had to pee bad, but as I continued, that abated, so maybe had hit prostate, or maybe urine in the bladder helped things out.

So, of course, I tried the corona stim again, and within 15 minutes I had another two Dry-O's with lube release pop on one of them…

Think I'm gonna stick with this for a while! Be interesting to see if it continues to only take 15 min to get to a Dry-O. But I suspect that the active prostate from the previous evening, and the normal full bladder in the morning, and maybe an earlier morning woody I don't remember, primed the pump…

Most of the things I've tried so far )except using mountain vistas instead of porn(, I've picked up from other posters, and I'm very grateful for the time they've taken to write their stuff down. Seems like every time I do something I learn something else.

If the Dry-O's feel so fine, what will the Super-O's feel like???

Keep having to tell myself to be content with and enjoy what I have now, even when hoping for more "better" down the road…