1st Experience with the VICE

Since my last blog i have had some great times using the Classic and being rewarded by Awesome SUPER "O's".mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
I would get the hunger for a SUPER "O" and it would feel to me as if my prostate was "gagging" for the Classic! Most certainly when it was inserted there was no stopping events that culminated in strong breathtaking SUPER "O's". The classic broke my prostrate virginity and awakened inside of me a kind of dormant monster! A monster that has the strength to push home the most intense orgasmic feelings that i have ever felt! However "as man's destiny is never to be happy" i wanted to try in another prostrate plug. I decided to go for "The Vice" with the vibrating bullet! This is a larger plug than the Classic and its a beautiful design.
As i say it is larger but i find that as with the
Classic if you squat down as i do [like if you were pushing out a stool] then insert the plug fully home.This way for me it doesen't hurt that much! My normal session position [which i find best]is on the bed lying on my back lifted by 2 Large pillows with knees in the air and legs open wide. On my 1st session with the Vice i lubed it up well and went into my squat position on the floor. As i inserted the plug it instantly went in and fully home. I could feel the Perineum tab make contact just below my scrotum! The plug going in took my breath away and felt delicious. I was about to make it onto the bed when suddenly i was hit by a BIG pleasure
Wave! I was on my knees at this time and it stopped me in my tracks! I rode out the wave and as it was subsiding i again tried to make it onto the bed but i was caught again by another BIG pleasure wave and at this stage all i could do was stay on my knees at the side of the bed. I gripped the covers and sank my head into them. This 2nd wave made me shake and i felt i had lost control of my legs! So there i was kind of "pinned" on my knees to the side of the bed gripping the covers and going into a kind of spasm! My shaking legs appeared to be causing a
forced and uncontrollable contraction of the Vice
inside me! I moaned. Another wave hit me and i could feel it was more intense than the last one's. I was going no where so i said i would ride this out to the end on my knees! There was no let up on the PW's. The waves were now causing more spasm's and i could feel the Vice tight and fitting so full inside me.
It was beautiful! With each PW i let my erotic thoughts enter into my mind. I then broke out with a rock hard erection! It was the uncontrolled body spasm's that kept contracting the Vice and subsequently setting off more PW's. I moaned, man did i moan. At the peak of the waves i was biting into the bed covers! I felt parched for a drink but all these feeling's were much TOO GOOD to give up now! The last most pleasurable wave seemed to pass and things settled and i felt so good -when suddenly out of the blue i was feeling this massive build-up in my anus! It felt like a massive HOT explosion that rapidly shot into my pelvis/genital area. It sent me into an uncontrolled convulsion. I felt unable to breath! With a contorted face i screamed and at this spasmick moment – i just knew this was a SUPER "O" but what a SUPER "O". Its erotic power shot right thru me!! It PEAKED SO MUCH!! It PEAKED & it PEAKED!! Fookin hell…….. there is absolutely NO WAY a wet orgasm will come anywhere near what my 1st experience was with the Vice..believe me… Since that 1st try ive been having some fantastic SUPER "O's" with the Vice.
Its just sooooo good reaching the SUPER "O" and it goes into a multi orgasm that sometimes it feels like "an out of your body experience" There is only some precum after them- as yet no cum. My hope is that i could experience a wet orgasm brought on [with no hand's] by the Vice! Maybe its time now to try it with the vibrating pellet fitted? mmmmmmmmmm

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