Second time around

My second session found me pretty excited about trying out both the Maximus and the Ice. Just like the first session, I started out slowly by lying in bed on my left side with my black boxer briefs pulled half-way down to give me just enough room to slowly insert the lubed up Maximus. With my knees pulled towards me, I slowly inserted it in, then laid on my back to begin with anal contractions. It had been nearly a week since having an orgasm, so I was pretty turned on by feeling the Maximus inside me. After about fifteen minutes with some pre-cum beginning to ooze out of the end of my penis, I felt like I wanted to feel more inside, so I pulled out the Maximus, lubed up the Ice with KY, and teased my anus with the head of the Ice. As I slid it in while on my side just like I did with the Maximus, as the head of the Ice hit my prostate, I felt some nice sensations. Next, I laid back on the bed, and began some anal contractions again. The fullness of the Ice inside me felt great, and suddenly I felt my penis start to grow, and almost instantly I was rock hard. This was the first time that I had a rock solid erection with the Ice inside, and it felt great, too great to ignore! The feeling to grab a hold of my penis and lube it up with the now oozing pre-cum was too hard to resist, and after several long strokes of my now super slippery penis, I shot a huge load all over my stomach, as the head of the Ice kept pressure on my now quivering and pulsating prostate. While I know this is not going to help me get down the right road towards the desired Super-O, I could not complain how strong this orgasm felt, and how much I came.