Found Reliable way for me to get Dry-O's with Helix

Had another intense session today with the Helix. Did the same as last session – warmed up the prostate without the helix till I could feel it itching occasionally, then when the prostate was more aroused to the point of feeling it swelled occasionally, I inserted the Helix.

It worked great again. I just use petrolium jelly and have a limited time between re-lubing. As it is, I had to re-lube once after that.

Wow, I had a few small dry-O's, but had to continue PCs and nipple stim for maybe 30 minutes. Eventually, the prostate was so aroused that I could feel the Pwaves )tingling( with every movement. Then I started to find reliable Dry-O's.

I kept that up for 30 min, and eventually, the prostate got even MORE aroused, so I could also feel it swollen inside all the time.

Then the fun really started!!!

I noticed that my scrotum sack was becoming really sensitive, when I was rubbing my knees together during some of the Dry-O's. So figured I'd just try kneeding my ballsack. Man, that was wonderful. Worked at that for 30 minutes. Got to where I could just run my hand across my balls and get excellent pleasurable feelings. I was kneeding it like Pizza dough.

Previously I'd had T-O's from massaging my ball sack, bu this time, my testicals weren't turtling up, and I wasn't feeling the semen build up. I think that the prostate was SO sensitive, that I wasn't haveing any problem focusing on the prostate no matter what else I was rubbing.

So, I tried tickling my penis corona. I could slowly tickle it, but if I really rubbed it, my balls started to turtle, so I played around for a while with what I could get away with there.

Then I tried sith my penis. I could hold just the glans and not turtle up. I could jack the upper shaft only for a small time before my balls started turtling up, so I figure that part's out. Then I tried the bottom half, and found I could do that continuously and had some great Dry-O's while doing it.

I even tried turning on my stomach and grinding my groin in the bed during a dry-O, and my balls didn't turtle.

I tried on all fours and on my back with legs bent, and on my back with back arched in the air. All of those generated pleasure, but for me, on back with legs bent was awesome. I had used this position originally after getting the Helix, and just didn't get very far without a lot of work. But after my prostate is swollen a lot, it's wonderful.

I guess from my experience, I'd agree with another member who suggested I stay with A-Less Dry-O's initially. Learning how to arouse the prostate with PC contractions and deep ab breathing seems like the ticket for me.

Also, I didn't figure out how to arouse the prostate till someone said to lay on your side with your butt off the bed and the edge of the bed aligned with your coccyx. Then doing like 500+ PC contractions and more till I felt the prostate start to itch/tickle. Then learning to just keep up the contractions and breathing util I could feel the prostate swell, then do dry-O's with more contractions until I could feel the prostate swelled up all the time AND Pwaves from it with every movement.

So, again, seems to my limited experience, once I get my prostate aroused so I feel it swollen all the time, I can really get some continuous strong pleasure.

Again, I chuckle that I had given up on the Helix because I was only able to get reliable Dry-O's without an aneros in.