Sleeping with syn

After resting 2 nights and the pending travel time this evening was my last chance to spend with my friend Helix. I lubed up well and went to bed. Very nice falling asleep with the prostate being massaged. I woke up slightly aroused and need to urinate. I was able to pee with out removal which I did not know I was wired to do so already. Decided to re-lube and spend the night. Nothing to report happening but have spent an enjoyable day with my bottom feeling so good. Sometimes that is enough. I know the way to higher plateau's for myself is Alone time not sleeping with the wife. I am away visiting my sister for the rest of the week and will be very horny returning to my friends. I am so looking forward to the alone time that I can continue the rewiring. I received my original Helix today so when I return I can compare the models. I am sure each has it's place with me. I am thinking the Syn for all night stays and the original for session only. We shall see… SoFunLoving