Bringing it On

This note is for my last 2 Sessions with my A friends. Monday I left work early for a home alone session for over 4 hours. A few folks were ringing my phone looking for answers. Well my answer is I am rocking this old man's ass like no tomorrow. It will wait. Session was amazing. I find now that I get to the swelling joy of my prostate a lot quicker. My Syn is reshaping my being and I am over the moon. Riding the Sweet spot. Jumped into the cool pool to quiet down my new love spot… OK Last night I was rested enough and after a nap I got up at 11 pm and rode the sweet spot of my new ass till I climbed in bed 1 minute before my wife's early 4:30am alarm went off. I am A less at work and rocking my new sexual feeling. I will go home early and ride 2 more hours. Yea I know rest the butt and patience. I will get plenty of that soon when I take a 2 week holiday with the Mrs. So now I am doing what I do and I must say that I think I have been doing extraordinarily well. I am on the happy team and my batting is solid. More rest to come after this day is through. SoFunLoving