Came home today and she was in the shower. Stripped down and joined her. She was finished so she lathered me up and bathed me. Paying special attention to every part of my body.

I grabbed the coconut oil and laid on the bed.She went for a glass of wine and gave me 15 minutes or so to warm up. I put a generous amount of oil on the Evolved You Too. It had been a while since my last session. I lubed myself and slowly inserted the device. As it slipped past my sphincter I could immediately feel the pleasurable vibration inside. I start flexing and dong kegels and the sensations intensify. I had my right legs straight out and my left bent in a triangle. As I worked the massager with my muscles, on the furthermost push outward, the vibes hit right on my prostate. I had the massager on the forth setting which is pulsing medium. Those sensations caused me to moan and tense up with the over whelming pleasure. The top vibe caressed my scrotum and sent wave up my cock. The more I squeezed the device , the more aroused I became.

My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the erotic state when I heard her enter the room. She laid down beside me and kissed me lovingly. She touched my cock and lightly jacked me. She used her tongue on my right nipple as the slowly jerked me. She lowered her head and took me in her mouth. She sucked on my cock as the intense vibrations continue inside of me. I was bucking and moaning in wave after wave of orgasmic feelings.

She rolls off and grabs her Rabbit. She parted hip moist lips and allowed her toy to nibble at her clit. Her body is pressed against mine as we each pleasure our selves. She tells me to let go and suppress what I am feeling. I am stroking myself with quick steady strokes as the device pumps in and out of my ass. My whole mid section is numb with pleasure.

I see her tense up and her breathing becomes more jagged. I know she is nearing an orgasm. I stroke myself faster and try to pace my orgasm with hers. I feel the semen rising in my cock. The device is almost on autopilot and pounding me. I see and hear her cross over the top and pant in orgasm as I jack myself over the edge. My cum overflows and runs down my shaft and onto my hands and stomach. It continues to shoot until I am completely spent. I feel completely drained and my cock is throbbing. She is basking in the waves of her orgasm as we both come back down to earth.