More Spinal Orgasms

This morning, woke up and started idly fingering my dick as I started thinking about the day, but pretty soon it was hard and a few minutes later went into an orgasm, so I changed plans :-) and enjoyed that for a while.

I threw in some nipple stim and was enjoying myself, then figured I'd try moving the orgasms to my spine (get crazy ideas now and again..), and it worked (?!?)

While either penis stim or nip stim, I took the other hand and rubbed it against my spinal valley on my back. Started at the tail bone, and tried various other positions from as far up as i could reach behind me to down a few inches up from my anus.

I think one of the big contributors is that whereever the pwaves were coming from, I kept trying to mentally focus them toward my spine as that always seems to make them super intense…

Went into orgams after a few min just about everywhere I tried… I got external Butt orgasms and anal orgasms by touching around my tailbone and lower. Tailbone was a hotspot. And I got some kind of shest/back orgasm from the small of my back which seemed like a hotspot too…

These orgasms involved muscle spasms and pleasure waves in the target area along with the requisite prostate pwaves. Some with rock hard erections, some flaccid. I got the feeling though that none of the higher back orgasms were as pleasurable as something in the groin area, nip, penis, or anal orgasm, but pretty unique!

I wonder if it's possible to have a toe orgasm or a top of head one ??? (umm…that was a joke son…)

– ltg