New Toy

I got a new toy off of Amazon. Its not an Aneros product, so it may technically be off topic here.

The price was cheap, and being silicone, I though I would give it a shot. I'm glad I did.

The flexible nature of this makes it much more comfortable than the hard plastic of the Aneros models that I have tried. Yet it is still firm enough to make its presence known, and it does that very well. One thing I noticed right away. It isn't drawn into the body the way the Aneros does. It needs to be pushed firmly into place, but it can be pushed too far. Don't use vaseline as a lube. It is too slick, and this toy will fall back out. A little bit of olive oil injected with a lube shooter seems to do the job quite nicely.

This doesn't have the P-Tab of the Aneros. It has these ticklers that apply little if any pressure. I don't really notice them, and don't think they do anything, but at least they don't hurt like the P-Tab does at times.

This is sold as both a prostate and anal massager. The anal part is incredible. The compressible nature of the rubber is causing a little tug of war, as it is squeezed and bounces back, causing these unbelievable spasms. It is being squeezed so hard at times that I've actually found it somewhat difficult to remove.

I like the little loop handle. It is very comfortable, is easy to sit on, and doesn't accidental grab hold of something like the Aneros handle does like pulling loose strings on the luxury oversize beach towel that I lay on for my sessions.

In all, this is well worth it. Disclaimer. I seem to have incredible sucess with these kinds of toys. In less than a month, I went from complete novice, to self taught expert.

I don't know if this will do anything for you. Try at own risk.