OMG Edging Toward Orgasmic Bliss!

OMG – Best session ever (session #6 I think)! Just got the Progasm Jr. and tried it out. However, quickly discovered that it is difficult to keep it in. Don't know why just yet….Anyway, switched over to the helix. It didn't take long for the prostate to become engorged. I felt it building and building like never before! I couldn't stop it.. Toward the end, it felt like I was full of semen and would explode! Penis was generally soft, but it did go up and down. I found near the end of the session that by caressing my nipples and then my scrotum, I could magnify the feeling. So close to a huge O. Feel a little weak now but very good. OMG – if this is a typical session from now on, I will be going into orgasmic orbit!

Note for this session: I switched back to ID Glide instead of Boy Butter (which I used for the Progasm Jr).
No problems.