An Unusual “Spiritual” Aless Session

I'm not sure how to put this "session" Into words but I'll try the best I can.

I was awake in bed in the early morning hour when I decided (for no apparent reason) to start doing anal contractions. I found that I was following my heartbeat with every contraction. I felt just a very light pleasure wave emanating from the prostate.

For some unknown reason (don't ask me why), I reached back and began to put some light pressure first near the base of the perineum and then later more back toward the anal opening but still closer to the perineum. I needed to put pressure on the prostate to feel the energy.

And I continued to do the contractions while applying pressure (moderate pressure now). I also put my other hand over my forehead, thus completing the circuit. I closed my eyes. This went on for a very short while until…

The most amazing thing happened!…..

Now I can't really put what happened next into words, it was more spiritual than physical…but I will try to verbalize what I felt:

I "felt" the prostate's energy (not just mine but everyone's) become the center of power-

-male power
-building power (skyscrapers, etc)
-strength power
-compassion power
-especially the procreative power of all males (this power resides in the prostate)
-being as one with the maker of the universe
-and so on, and so on….

It all became extremely spiritual and I was in awe of this power. It actually had me close to tears.

What was this power actually? I think I know now.
You can't put it into words but you can feel it. Isn't that what faith is all about?

I'm still tingling from the experience. And I believe I can return to this place at any time. The power resides within me! An awesome thought!