“Who Needs An Aneros?” (My Secret Rides)

Usually following a regular Aneros session, for up to at least several hours later, I have found that whenever my prostate is "buzzing", by performing anal contractions, I can bring myself to an orgasm either sitting in a chair, lying in bed or even standing! This makes for some unusual "rides" to say the least!

When I start the contractions, the light "buzzing" becomes more noticeable in the prostate, and I start feeling a slight ache in the lower abdomen. I usually start to increase the contractions as well at the rate of contractions.

As things start to build, I usually can't help but moan a little (this is impossible though in a public situation). If I am out in public, then, this is about as far as I can go without embarrassment. However, If I am at home or in a more private place, I can continue with the strong contractions. This will bring on a good deal of moaning, more intense lower abdominal ache and the very strong continuous contractions of an orgasm with which I am very familiar. I may also have some involuntary whole body shakes as well. Since there is no ejaculation, I can continue the orgasm for as long as I want it. I have not progressed yet to a super orgasm (this may be impossible depending on the location) although I feel that it is possible. That would truly be mind-blowing!

I am wondering now how many other users have experienced this? I am sure it is quite common. These are my "secret rides" and I can go for a ride just about anytime I want!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/who-needs-an-aneros-my-secret-rides/