“A Significant Session”

This session was significant for two reasons.

First off, I started out this session with a significant amount of MOANING. I remember that moaning for me during sessions is rare. And it continued right until the end of this session! I actually could have moaned quite loudly, but circumstances did not allow it. I usually had to "muffle" my moans during this session. I really wanted to scream out. It felt that good!

It didn't take but 10 minutes before I had about three Dry-O's in quick succession.

These were eventually followed by at least SIX Super-O's that came one after another — right on cue! Each one was accompanied by whole body contortions, and each one was stronger than the last. Several were accompanied by whole body shakes. One distinct one had powerful abdominal contractions (I counted about six to eight). These Super-O's came one right after another and it felt like I could "direct" them to happen at will with only very light contractions. It felt so good! During one of the later ones, I distinctly felt the prostate "pumping" up with semen. Following about the sixth one, I felt that that was enough of the Super-O's and ended this ride. (Interesting to note but I did not have any other "experiences" that accompanied these Super-O's). Also, no euphoric feeling (so far).

I followed the Helix ride with a Peridise (Large) ride for about 30 minutes. I really don't know why; I guess I just didn't want to end the anal contractions. During that time, I noticed that the Peridise was generally pulled in all the way to the end. These anal stimulations were extremely arousing and I got an erection almost immediately. It seemed to me that in addition to the pleasure waves from the anus and lower rectum, I also "felt" some prostate pleasure waves as well. Is this possible from the Peridise? I also felt at least one "anal orgasm" that was distinctly centered on the anus. When the Peridise session was over, I had a slightly difficult time removing it since it had pulled itself in so deep.

Prostate very lightly "buzzing" now. I retired for the night…….

Woke up about four hours later with a wet penis head and an erection that hurt!

Sitting here typing this getting another erection and I am used to the feeling. Looking at my penis it seems to me that it is "fatter" than usual….Is this normal I wondered?

The underside of the tip is INCREDIBLY sensitive, and almost has a "hair-trigger" on an ejaculation. Can't really touch it unless I want to go off! Feeling a toe-curling contraction from the prostate as I am typing this. Started moaning and need to put my hands over my head for a while until this passes…..I'm going back to the bed to see what develops……

WOW! About five powerful contractions in a row accompanied by moaning (stifled of course!). Looking at my penis and the head is wet with precum. Feeling anus and it feels like the prostate is "pumping" again. It seems that since I didn't ejaculate with the Suler-O's, the prostate is now in programmed "launch mode".

As I am sitting typing this, I feel another contraction coming on; I'm going back to bed to ride this one out…….

WOW! That contraction had me literally "curled in a ball" in the bed! This was accompanied by yet another powerful erection with precum. Penis still looks extremely fat! Feel yet another contraction coming…..I think I'll ride this one out sitting right here…..now feel this one building and still more precum……need to cover my eyes again to get through this one…..Ohhhh! That one was accompanied by an ache deep in the abdomen. I know where this is going. Head of the penis is wet again. Penis still very fat. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I feel like I'm going to auto-ejaculate!

Can't take it anymore. I'm going to get the lube……..Success! A large amount of cum. I feel better already…. what a ride!

PS: Prostate still lightly "buzzing". Don't know what it wants….going back to bed……

The prostate has finally settled down (for now). I am being enveloped by a wonderful sense of tranquility. Slept about 1.5 hours. Now awake and feel slightly euphoric!

Nobody told the prostate that the party is over! He woke up with a slight "buzz". Also have a half-hard erection!



Post-Note: As I am typing this, I feel a more distinct "buzz". Now REALLY, not sure what this is all about!

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