A Hot Peridise Fantasy

I'm a newlywed and have only been married for four months. I had my first overnight business trip and really didn't want to be away from my sweetheart. I know I will be missing her in a lonely hotel bed. I want so much to be close to her body tonight, feel her silky smooth skin next to mine, feel myself hardening up for her…..

I had a good flight and began unpacking at the hotel. I was getting my clothes out to hang up when I found something surprising in my suitcase which my wife had packed. It appeared to be an Aneros "Peridise" and a tube of lubricant gel. Attached was this note:

"Hello dear, I thought you might try this out tonight and think about me waiting for you tomorrow night, luv u."

After my meetings during the day, I returned to my hotel, and after dinner, took a nice hot shower, and very relaxed, got undressed and hopped into bed. I got ready for this Peridise "adventure" and, since I had not experienced it before, I was eagerly anticipating the pleasure I could receive from it.

I took off my clothes and neatly folded them. I took out the Peridise, opened up the lube gel and with my finger, put a generous amount of lube in my anus and on the Peridise. I turned off the lights in the room, climbed into bed, got on my side and slowly inserted it. Ohhh! It just slid in and felt so good…..

I lay there for a while and I noticed that I was getting some very pleasurable sensations from within my anus and rectum. I started fantasizing about my wife and how she gets my prostate going with her finger sometimes before I cum. I felt myself drifting off into a sexual 'pleasureland' for I don't know how long…..

I realized that the Peridise, although pretty amazing, didn't compare to my wife and her way with me when we are in bed. I didn't think anything else was possible tonight and I was just preparing to pack-it-in and try to get some sleep. After all, I had an early flight in the morning and needed a good rest.

I decided that this Peridise "session" was over (so I thought!) and was ready to remove it and clean-up when I "found" this written on the REVERSE side of the note from my wife, which I had failed to see the first time:

"Dear, I was reading about the Peridise online and it said that if you are not experiencing intense pleasure, to take your fingers and gently insert it ALL THE WAY so that it is in as far as possible." So I tried this and…….OMG! I feel my toes curl up and I am getting rock-hard! Ohhhh! This is heaven!

With that, I began to experience my own "fantasy". My wife was right here in bed with me, and as she took hold of the Peridise, she began to slowly move it out of my anus. I could feel the curves against the inside of my canal and, Ohhhhh! She did this over and over again…….my cock was so hard and I felt it….there was enough precum to spread all over the head. My balls had hardened up and she began to gently caress them too. She kept this up until I couldn't take it anymore and I begged her to stop.

"Allright, if you say so" she said. "But I'm not done with you yet!" She slowly removed the Peridise from me and I felt the large "bulb" come out at the end. However, I then felt her finger making its way into the slippery anal opening and, O M G! she is beginning to stroke it in and out. She is getting closer to the prostate and… I am starting to writhe on the bed…..


She tells me not to go off yet, just wait for her tomorrow night when she can "finish-me-off" the right way, deep inside of her. She has a way of stimulating my prostate when I am inside and I literally explode within her! With that, I cleaned-up myself and tried to get some sleep.

I got up early the next morning and finished packing. Much to my surprise, she packed a jockstrap for me! With it was this note:
"You probably will be needing this tomorrow!"

Boy, was she ever right! On the flight home, I was up and ready for her the entire time! It felt so good!

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