“Just Another Hospital Prostate Treatment?”

I am at a hospital waiting to get a prostate "treatment". This treatment consists of two or three "steps". Each "step" is progressively more aggressive in the treatment.

Step 1: I am told that I will feel the prostate probe "dancing around" my prostate as it is being treated. This is a normal feeling. The only thing is I must remain ABSOLUTELY STILL during the treatment, and this may be a little difficult due to the pleasurable feelings I will experience on the prostate. I was told that this is a "side effect" of the treatment.

Results: I am able to lie very still for this phase of the treatment which I believe lasted about 10 minutes. The prostate probe is removed and the next "probe" is being prepared.

Step 2: I am told that I will feel this prostate probe more and I must again remain PERFECTLY STILL during this step of the treatment. Otherwise, this phase of treatment will be "aborted" and I will need to receive the 'third' and most aggressive probe which patients generally do NOT like to receive.

Results: I felt much more pleasure from the prostate during this phase. However, after about 8 minutes or so, I was unable to remain still and began "thrashing" around on the treatment table. The staff are instructed to STOP this phase of the procedure and remove the probe. They tell me that since I could not remain still, they will be forced to use the third probe on me and I may not like it.

Step 3: I am moved to a special treatment table. This table is similar to the other one except there is a provision to clamp-down my ankles and my wrists to the table while I am laying on my stomach, thus preventing me from moving. I hear and feel the clamps being secured and I am helpless.

Results: Nobody told me that this phase is starting to resemble a kind of "torture". I cannot move at all. I feel the probe on my prostate and OMG! I really feel it working. It is a deep pleasure and I feel my muscles start to contract beyond my control. This resulting pleasure is almost unbearable but since I am 'locked' to the table, I cannot respond with any movement of my body. This phase lasted about 15 minutes and I was glad that it was over! I can see now why most patients do not like to receive this third phase of treatment!

Step 4: The prostate probe is removed and I am given a "cleansing enema".

The treatment is complete.


Note: First ride with Wet Platinum lube. It is very slick and 'silky'. I am not sure if I had applied enough, however. I had to remove it following Step 1 treatment and apply more prior to Step 2. I will apply more to myself and the stimulator next time and see what difference it makes.

The "enema" was the Peridise (Small)). I used a new lube for this – Sliquid Organics gel. It feels really smooth!

Post-session note: I don't feel anything negative in the anus or rectum from either of these new lubes. That is great! These are supposed to be very "safe" lubes for anal use.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/just-another-hospital-prostate-treatment/