“A Simple Fantasy”

This "ride" started out with a "warm-up" of the HIH PS-NEW for about 30 minutes. It really "milked" the prostate and got out quite a bit of prostatic fluid. This time, there was no discomfort except I couldn't take more than 30 minutes since it was fairly intense.

Since I was lubed-up already, I switched to Helix and almost immediately began to feel P-waves. I started increasing the strength and frequency of contractions, when I began to enter this "fantasy"—

My wife was in bed with me and she also is nude. She lays alongside of me and takes hold of my upper torso. She begins to caress my nipples and my pecs. It feels so good!

[This "fantasy" deepens as….]

OMG! She has inserted her finger in my well-lubed anus and she "knows" EXACTLY where my prostate is! She begins to stroke it very lightly. I can feel every stroke! She keeps this up for a while and I am beginning to experience a state of agonizing "bliss" from her stimulation.

She stops the stroking for a short while but she keeps her finger in my anus. She is "teasing" me! She is still holding on to me and I love the feeling of her warm body against mine…..Then, suddenly….

OMG! She has started the prostate stim again! This time the feeling is much stronger and I am moaning with every "stroke". It seems that she knows EXACTLY what she is doing (perhaps she read a book?) Whatever she did, she is leading me towards a pleasurable "agony" that I have not experienced before. I don't know how much more of this I can endure!

[more time passes and she continues to stimulate my prostate. Her finger is quite slippery and I am sinking deeper into the fantasy. It is no longer the Aneros causing the stimulation but her finger which is now very real]

STOP IT! (I am lightly moaning at this time)

But she ignores my pleas and just continues……

[more times goes by…]

She now has me near the point where I am starting to experience a near 'Super-O' and I am starting to experience some powerful abdominal and whole-body contractions. She "holds" onto me tighter and moves over the bed with me, but all the while she is continuing with the prostate "finger-stim". I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE! I moan, more loudly now, NO! STOP! TAKE YOUR FINGER OUT! I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

But she just continues to ignore my request, until


[She senses that I have had "enough". It has been about an hour of non-stop "pleasure" for me and she removes her finger]

The next thing I know is that she is still holding onto me tightly. She now has her right hand "cupped" around my balls and penis and it feels so good! Her other hand is clamped tightly around my chest and my pecs. She twirls a finger around my nipple. I feel a nice "pulsing" in my wet rectum and fall asleep still within her embrace………..


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-simple-fantasy/