An Interesting Session with PS-NEW

This "ride" with PS-NEW was different. I started out just doing 15-20 minutes of total relaxation. Wow! It wasn't 10 minutes when I started to get the 'auto-F' contractions! They started and stopped in a seemingly clock-like pattern. I began moaning almost immediately, put my head under my pillow to contain some of the moans and began to "fall-into" this fantasy…..

I am in a hospital getting a prostate "procedure" using a newly-developed and automated robotic prostate "tool". I am told to lie completely still. It will take about 45 minutes for this "tool" to complete the procedure.

[time passes]

I am able to (mostly) stay still during the entire procedure. However, the 'auto-F' contractions are beginning to intensify and increase in frequency. It felt like the "tool" is beginning to work on my prostate more now. I am feeling more sensations and am moaning more….it feels like I am experiencing a prostate orgasm!

When the 45 minutes were completed, the "tool" was removed and a new "post-treatment" tool (Peridise) was inserted. I was again to remain very still for a minimum of 30 minutes more.

I began to experience significant 'in-out' involuntary movement of this "tool" and was told that this was completely normal and is necessary for the prostate to 'heal' properly after the procedure. Toward the end, it felt like I was building-up to a HFWO. I was told up front that this post-treatment may be a little intense since my prostate was stimulated during the procedure. That was an understatement!

Following the 30 minutes of "post-treatment", I was allowed to dress, clean-up (there was a lot of lube) and leave the hospital. I felt a little sore but okay.


PS This 'fantasy' was inspired by the involuntary movement of PS-NEW which was a new experience for me. These "auto-F" contractions had a strong REVERSE Kegel component and were mind-blowing!

Note: I intended to "ride" Progasm Jr. However, as has happened before, I was not able to retain it. Not quite sure why….