“An Erotic Aless Fantasy”

I was awakened in the middle of the night with a rock-hard erection and couldn't get back to sleep. I decided to get on the PC for a while. Since I was still hard, I decided to "dose" on some binaural beats (penis) and watch some porn (gay massage). Before long, I got the idea that it would be nice to take this feeling back to bed with me, so I started doing some light anal contractions to see if I could get my prostate 'quivering'. I did this in rhythmic fashion for about 5 minutes and began to feel a slight tingle. I decided to take this "feeling" back to bed and try to continue the contractions…….What happened next was unexpected and blew my mind!


I continued to do the light, rhythmic contractions. I began to start lightly moaning and before long, I experienced something new! NIPPLE STIMULATION! I began to lightly stroke my left and then my right nipple until they became very hard and sensitive. I noticed how the lightest touch on them would send a 'quiver' right down to my penis and prostate. I liked this feeling so I continued….

Before long, however, I began to be enveloped in a most-realistic fantasy…….

[Be advised: this WILL get graphic……]

I am in bed with my male lover. He has taken over my nipple stim and it feels wonderful! I feel him quickly penetrate me and he is stroking within me in sync with my nipple stim….. I feel his every thrust and I am beginning to 'thrust' with him. He is thrusting now more slowly and I am moaning more slowly as well. At some point, he removes all my clothes and we are both naked in bed, he is continuing to thrust in me. He now is stimulating both nipples and I can hardly contain myself. He is caressing every part of my body including my pecs (and nipples), my shoulders, legs, feet, scalp, underarms, and back to the nipples. He lightly caresses my scrotum and penis, it is hard and wet. My head is spinning with pleasure, I can hardly contain my ecstasy.


He stops for a while, withdraws himself from me and is now vigorously caressing my male body from head to toe. I am squirming and convulsing on the bed. I feel him running his hand down my back toward my perineum and I feel his finger on top of my bulging prostate… He lightly 'taps' my left nipple and I can feel every tap within my body….I feel ecstatic! He keeps this tapping up for quite a while….

While continuing to tap my nipple, he moves his finger slowly down towards my anal opening and lightly moves it back and forth, gently 'teasing' my opening until I am squirming and can't take any more. He very gently places his finger over my opening and begins to lightly and rhythmically press it in, then out. I feel it going in a little bit then out, then in a little more then out again. He is teasing me…..all the while, he continues to lightly circle and tap my nipples and I feel every tap down deep in my groin. OMG! I cannot contain my pleasure!

I am drifting off into a blissful erotic state which I have not experienced before. I feel aroused by his warm embrace and before long, I am falling asleep in the most relaxing, euphoric way.


PS As I complete this entry, I feel my nipples and they are BOTH hard and I feel a quivering in my prostate. Perhaps I should go back to bed?

Fantasy 'Completion' — Wow! I have never fallen into a fantasy this fast! Here goes…

I am back in bed, naked, with my male lover. He still has me within his warm embrace and is gently caressing my nipples. He has already lubed-up his hard penis and quickly penetrates me again. He is thrusting to climax and I feel him cum within me. I am now as hard as him. He continues to hold me while I feel him shrink. I am feeling a peaceful euphoria.


Oh No! I am feeling a pulsing in my prostate. Where is this going?

Went to bed and experienced continuing anal auto-f*** contractions which led to several powerful abdominal convulsions. I must have fallen asleep soon after. When I awoke, I had an amazing rock-hard erection that would not quit! I was f*****g hard for about 45 minutes! I was thinking, I could have penetrated and f****d anything and anybody in this condition! I have been "dosing" mostly on penis-enlargement binaurals including one listed as 'digital sildenafil' (Viagra)–perhaps these are having an effect? I have not yet ejaculated since yesterday.

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