“Eupho Dance & HOWO”

What a session! First, a little background. I had been ‘dosing’ on some penis stimulation binaurals for about 45 minutes so I was hard, wet and horny. Since it still was early AM, I decided to “do” a quick non-stimulating ‘session’ with my Eupho and maybe finish-off with an ejaculation later-on. What could be the harm? As it turned out, plenty! Let me explain……

I lubed-up, got the Eupho where it belonged and turning over on my favorite right side position, I relaxed and waited. Well, about 3 minutes in, the Eupho made up its own mind that IT was going to “finish-me-off” whether I liked it or not. So for the next 40 minutes or so, it was a quiet march for me to the ‘edge–of–the-cliff’! Let me further explain……

Since my prostate was already well-stimulated and I already had a significant hard-on in bed, I had to be careful not to move around too much especially stimulating the underside of the penis,for fear of a premature ejaculation. So I carefully laid on my right side, being careful not to touch under the sensitive head. The Eupho immediately went into an involuntary ‘auto-fuck’ mode but it was very subtle, almost like a ‘tickle’. Nevertheless, I felt it ‘dance’ all over my prostate and I was starting to react with extremely deep breathing, moaning, shaking and some body contractions. With each contraction, the Eupho got the signal to give me more involuntary ‘tickles’. Eventually, I had no choice but to perform some voluntary (involuntary-feeling) anal contractions. This started the whole cycle up again and before long, I took one step closer to the edge of the cliff. If you’ve ever experienced an ‘edging’ ejaculation, you know the feeling. With every new position on the bed, I felt a new wave of tickling pleasure from the prostate, a new wave of involuntary anal contractions and before long, I was feeling like I was headed for an HFWO! I kept this up for as long as I could endure it. Just the slightest movement or re-position on the bed would trigger this response from the Eupho. It was mind-blowing! I was very close to the PONR. Believe me, it felt great but I’m not sure how long I could stay on the edge….I was starting to feel ‘dizzy’ and could lose my balance!

Eventually, with my ejaculatory ‘hardware’ completely filled and almost overflowing, I felt it was time to finish. So I rolled over on my back and, still erect and with the Eupho firmly planted near my prostate, I easily finished-off with a powerful ejaculation. It felt wonderful! I’ll name this event an “HOWO” meaning Hands-On-Wet-Orgasm! This was an especially powerful orgasm and one which I will remember.


Note: I believe what made this Aneros session different is that I was already well-aroused prior to the session. This seemed to make a huge difference in my body’s response: i.e., instead of just a prostate orgasm (dry-O or super-O) I was actually headed for a HFWO which culminated in an HOWO! I did not experience either a dry-O or a super-O during this session. I believe that either one would have been ‘enveloped’ by the wet orgasm.

Note: I guess you can call this HOWO a ‘Super-T”!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/eupho-dance-howo/