“Discovering Tantric Sex”

I have heard of the term “tantric sex” but never really knew what it was. Until last night……

My wife and I had a ‘romantic encounter’ that began in the usual way. She spooned me for a while (which felt really good! — I was hard as rock!) and then we changed positions. However, when I ‘spooned’ her, the most amazing thing happened! I suddenly felt no obligation to climax. Instead, I concentrated on pleasuring her and feeling her sexual energy. Let me explain……

This encounter seemed more than just foreplay. First off, I was in no hurry to get-off nor did I want to. When we spooned, I felt a great sense of sexual energy surrounding my wife and I began to completely ‘envelope’ her physically. I was in no hurry. I concentrated on her breathing which, I know now, is the beginning of tantric sex. Without getting too graphic, suffice it to say that I explored every inch of her body. I took my time and I know that she enjoyed the pleasure. At one point, my erection was strong and I demonstrated that to her without saying a word. She got the message!

As I said before, I took my time and I had no intention to climax. All the attention was on the sexual energy surrounding us in that moment. This encounter, it would appear, lasted well over an hour! It probably could have gone on for another hour. Since there was no expectation of ejaculation, the realm of sexual ‘pleasures’ was almost unending.


Following a most-restful night’s sleep, I awakened in the early AM hour and, as usual, wanted to find something “new” online. I discovered ‘tantric music’ which mostly would appear to be what I would call ‘soft jazz’. However, when I started to listen to some tracks, something strange happened. On one track, there was a particular frequency that, when played, would cause my penis to quiver with every beat. This continued for the duration of the song and it was mind-blowing! I don’t know if this was planned or coincidental, but it felt very real. Other tracks seemed to have a similar effect on a different part of the body, e.g., anus. I can only imagine what listening to this music while performing tantric sex would feel like!


PS Since I had not yet ejaculated from the previous night, I decided to get more stimulation with the large Peridise. I quickly lubed-up and inserted it and OMG! Within a few minutes, the Peridise had pulled itself all the way in! It was beginning to produce the most intense anal stim I could imagine and it felt like I was headed for a HFWO if I kept it up longer. Since I didn’t have the time, I rolled-over on my back and finished myself off quickly. I noticed that even after I ejaculated, there was more ejaculate ‘oozing out’ of my penis. This was unusual for me.

I now feel very satisfied and am ready to take on the day…..

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/discovering-tantra/